About Us

About Us

We are a casino comparison guide that offers unique information on the best US casinos available online. We provide our users with the latest casino bonuses, updated weekly bonus codes and articles that concern online gambling.

We aim to always serve our website users with as relevant information as possible, so they take the best out of the time spent on the site. Right now, we offer over 40 casino reviews. What differentiates us from other gambling-related websites is that we do not rely on random websites and casinos that ask us to be featured on thecasinowire.com. Although we receive a number of requests to promote casinos on our site, we decline them for multiple reasons. We believe it is not in the best interest of our users or guests, to direct them to sources we personally do not trust. At thecasinowire.com we promote websites that we would choose ourselves – ensuring our users refer only to reliable sites.

Access to our page is free of charge, however we get commissions based on referrals to our carefully-selected partners. We have experience providing our services with the leading casinos in the US to find the best deals and bonuses. As there is a countless number of casino bonuses that can be found online, we make sure to choose the most beneficial ones for the players.

Except for a thorough comparison of the online casino bonuses and deals, we also guide our readers across the world of gambling, sharing our knowledge on available games in the market and how to play. Thecasinowire.com will keep you up to date with the news from the gambling world, so stay tuned and visit our website regularly!

Gambling – Entertainment in Moderation!

We only promote gambling for entertainment purposes and encourage our readers to always make sure they keep their gambling habits under control. If you need more information on responsible gambling or know anyone who might require help – visit our Responsible Gambling page to find support.

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