Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are a type of promotion that is offered in a majority of casinos located online. Although a majority of these bonuses are intended for real money players there is some promotions you may receive without having to deposit. Within this article we will be going over everything you need to know when it comes to casino bonuses and how to get the most of the promotion offered. Bonuses seem like they are cut and dry but there is more to a bonus then some could even imagine. There are rules and regulations put in place and it’s very important to understand these rules per bonus type so you understand how they truly work. If you do not follow the rules correctly within the particular online casino you choose to play at there is a good chance you will be denied a payout.

Types Of Casino Bonuses

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There is over 3 unique types of casino bonuses you will run into but keep in mind there is hundreds of special promotional bonuses a variety of casinos offer. Below is a list of each major form of bonus you may receive from a casino.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

One of the most looked for forms of bonuses is the no deposit casino bonus. As the name suggest you do not have to deposit to receive these bonuses however lots of conditions can be tagged to these form of bonuses. A decade ago these bonuses had less restrictions however over time a few bad apples had emerged so casinos had to drastically change on how and who may receive a no deposit casino bonus. Some other terms that now are tagged with a majority of online casinos is a max cash out rule to protect the casino from shot takers who have no intention on depositing. Some online casinos have went as drastic as banning entire countries from these types of offers. There is nothing wrong with not depositing with a casino that offers a no deposit promotion. The reason casinos still offer these is to show you around there casino and what they have to offer to you as a guest. The reason I and others also like to join casinos that offer no deposit offers is to try there cashier. If you’re lucky enough to win on one of these promotions you can test the cash out speed on the casino and best of all you didn’t have to deposit to do so. The best chances on cashing out from a no deposit offer depends on the rules for such promotion. Based on a average trend within the casino industry we have came up with a way and want to suggest to you on accomplishing the feat. Although this is not a rock proof system mathematically speaking we believe you will have the best chances of cashing out this way. Try to stick with card game variances of Blackjack or Baccarat. One that really sticks out is the reduced commission Baccarat tables in which at times your able to receive a discount in the 5% commission most casinos charge for banker bets. You should also avoid trend betting on tables and simply stick with the banker. Statistically in a 8 deck shoe the casino only has a 1% advantage over you when playing reduced Baccarat. If the online casino does not allow you to play Blackjack or Baccarat during the no deposit bonus promotion they are offering you can almost always play slots. If your familiar with how slot machines run you never know what will happen, they are random so you might just get lucky and hit big. Keep in mind however if you win a jackpot or a large win while playing slots you more then likely will not receive the entire winnings as your still playing on a no deposit bonus. Once you deposit and play them restrictions are almost always removed.

New Player Signup Bonus

One of the best promotions in regards to bonuses is the signup bonus offered to new players. Offshore casinos get very competitive when it comes to these promotions as they want your business. When your looking for a online casino to deposit at it’s still very important to do your research before signing up as not all online casinos are legit. If you join a casino that we list on our site you can feel comfortable playing there as we are very restrictive on who we allow to advertise. If at any time we feel a players balance is at risk or the casino has dropped a class in quality entertainment we will remove them in a heart beat. There is several types of signup bonuses and they are sticky or none sticky.  A sticky bonus is a reward you get to play with in the casino but cannot be cashed out. Clearly it’s better to stick with none sticky bonuses where you’re able to cash out whatever your current balance is. This is assuming that you have met your rollover required for the bonus you so choose. Some online casinos use bonus codes or keywords to be applied in the cashier section. This again all depends on what casino site you choose to play with and we have came to the conclusion the code or no code does not really make a difference if its offered or not. So once you have decided what casino you want to join at make sure they first offer the form of deposit you want to use. This can be easily verified within the cashier section of the casinos website or the banking section of the software. It’s also important to mention once you have deposited some casinos request you to fax or scan your drivers license. This is to simply insure you are the person you claim to be and for credit or debit card authorizations. Although I’m not a big fan of having to verify the account I do understand the importance of it and have never had a big issue with having to do so. Some online casinos give you the benefit of the doubt until it’s time to cash out then they usually request the proof of identity.

Player Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is very similar to the signup bonus but is different at other casinos. Some online casinos actually offer higher reload bonuses then they do on the original signup bonus, this however is not in the norm. When you’re looking for a quality reload bonus it’s important to determine who deserves you’re deposit. If you’re able to play a long time with an online casino going in with win streaks and some losing streaks that casino might be considered by most as a must reload account. There is a good chance the casino has raised the payout levels where your able to possibly win more but don’t be surprised if the reload bonus is not as good as others. Some online casinos offer very high reload bonuses but lower the payout odds for you’re game play. I think this form of bonus manipulation is deceiving the client and one should not play there as it’s fooling the player into thinking he is getting an excellent deal. I tend to stick with medium size reload bonuses as they tend to go much further then the larger bonuses do.

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Other Types Of Casino Bonuses

As I was mentioning earlier there really is an unlimited amount of bonus types casinos like to offer. Here is a few more casinos like to offer members and although not all are bad they still should be used with caution as the rules on the promotions are hard to accomplish.

  • Free Spin Bonus
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Weekly Bonus
  • 1 Hour Bonus
  • Casino Rebate Bonus

Don’t get fooled into thinking Mac Casinos or Window Casinos are better or worse. The casinos that offer higher bonuses for one or the other usually have a software that plays for your type of computer and is just a way to lure you into the door. As you can probably assume I’m a big believer in full transparency and if the casino who you possibly might be sending money to cannot offer that I don’t recommend you actually deposit or play with that company. We do offer a list of reviews for a majority of casinos on the site so check The Casino Wire first before deciding to join any online casino.

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