Best Online Card Games to Play With a Casino Bonus

blackjackIt will probably not come as a surprise to you to learn that the lowest house edge casino card games offered at most online casino sites is found on the game of Blackjack. However there are a huge number of different Blackjack variants on offer at many casino sites and the most savvy casino player, when using a casino bonus, is going to play the lowest house edge Blackjack game variant offered at the respective casino site they are playing at.

The operators of online casinos know that Blackjack is a low house edge game and as such the actual play through requirements you will be required to make when you find a casino actually offering you the ability to play a Blackjack game for real money with a bonus in your casino account can often be restrictive, so have a good hunt around for a casino that is offering Blackjack bonuses which come with reasonable play through requirements as there are quite a few sites out there that will let you play Blackjack with a bonus.

Below you will find a list of the top online casino game software companies, and alongside each of them you will find the Blackjack game boasting the lowest house edge offered by that particular software provider, and as such that is of course the Blackjack game you should play whenever you have been awarded a casino bonus.

One final thing to keep in mind when playing Blackjack is that you need to be playing perfect strategy on each hand you play to ensure the house edge listed is the one you will be getting over the long term. Making strategic playing errors is going to dramatically decrease your actual chances of winning and getting the listed house edge of each Blackjack game mentioned below.

NetEnt Card Games

The no download required software platform offered by NetEnt is popular with many online casino players, and there are a growing number of online casinos utilizing their gaming platform and as such plenty of bonuses are on offer at such sites. Should their stylish and player friendly gaming platform take your eye and you play at a NetEnt powered online casino then one Blackjack game which is worth playing with a bonus is the Standard Blackjack game.

This game is a four deck game and when played with perfect strategy offers a low house edge of just 0.40% making it an ideal and must play Blackjack game when you are playing with or without a casino bonus.

Playtech Card Games

You will have one of the lowest house edge Blackjack games available anywhere online if you opt to give a Playtech software powered casino a try, this game is their Blackjack Switch game, and thanks to the way it plays and pays whenever you give it some play time online when playing optimum playing strategy you can expect a house edge of just 0.16%.

Please ensure before you actually start to play the Blackjack Switch game with any awarded casino bonus that it is a listed game permitted to be used with a bonus, and if it is double check the terms and conditions of the bonus to ensure it does not have increased play through requirements attached to it.

IGT Interactive Card Games

There are two Blackjack game variants that stand out from all others offered at IGT Interactive software powered online casino sites, and these games are the Hot Streak Blackjack game and the Power Blackjack game, these both offer a house edge of just 0.23% making them highly playable to anyone using a casino bonus.

There are plenty of different Blackjack games on offer at IGT Interactive software powered sites however once you discover that games such as the Table Blackjack game comes with a house edge of 0.46% and the Double Attack Blackjack game they offer has a house edge of a huge 0.63% you can see why those Blackjack games we listed first are the ones you should be playing!

Microgaming Card Games

You will have made a wise decision if you have opted to play Blackjack at any of the huge number of online casinos that use Microgaming’s software platform. There are a large number of single hand games and multi hand games offered at such sites and as such you are guaranteed to find several which will appeal to you.

However, there are many differences in the game play rules and payouts on offer on Microgaming’s various Blackjack games which result in some games being ones you should avoid playing and some being ideal games to play with a bonus.

One Microgaming Blackjack game which is perfect for bonus and non bonus play is their Classic Blackjack game, this variant has a tiny house edge when played with perfect strategy and that house edge is just 0.13% meaning you will always get a great chance of winning whenever you opt to play it.

WMS Interactive Card Games

There are only a small selection of Blackjack games found at online casinos which utilize WMS games, both the European and Standard Blackjack games are offered along with a Super 21 Blackjack game variant. The Standard Blackjack game is the one offering the lowest house edge and as such if a bonus is on offer at such a site then you should be playing that Blackjack game and not the other two!

Blackjack Strategy and Bonus Rules

Whichever Blackjack game you are playing with a casino bonus it is important to play optimum strategy, one tip we can give you when playing any online Blackjack game is to always avoid taking the Insurance wager when offered, and this is a poor bet for players due to its massive house edge.

There may also be some maximum stake limits in play when you have chosen to play Blackjack with a casino bonus and you should therefore stick to placing wagers below this limit when playing, if you exceed the stake limits imposed on Blackjack play when using a casino bonus you will find your winnings and game play will be voided, so stick to the rules of any awarded Blackjack bonus!

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