Online Table Games to Play Using a Casino Bonus

craps-table-gameWith plenty of different casino bonuses on offer from online casinos using many different gaming platforms there is quite a choice of bonuses and casinos for you to choose from. However when it comes to players having a good chance of actually profiting from any casino bonus then it is often the games they choose to play with any bonus that is going to reflect that players overall winning chances.

If you are particularly fond of playing casino table games then it is important for you to first shop around and track down casinos which will let you play these types of casino games with a bonus, as many casinos only offer you bonuses which can be used on slot games.

You will of course find more than enough casinos offering bonuses which can be used on their table games and when you do then make sure you avoid playing those games which, due to the structure of the games and the payouts on offer end up with high house edges, and stick to playing only those table games which boast the lowest house edge to ensure you always have a fair chance of winning when utilizing a bonus.

To make selecting a table game to play with a casino bonus easier, below we have a list of the most popular casino software providers, and you will find an overview of their high paying games which offer low house edges and the highest payout percentages. Have a good look through this guide and when you are playing table games which a casino bonus then stick to the games listed below or you will dramatically decrease your winning chances by playing other games!

NetEnt Table Games

One casino table game that many players love playing is Craps, and if you like playing this dice based game then the only casinos you should be playing it at are those which utilize NetEnt software. The Craps game found in these casinos comes with one of the lowest house edges attached to this game available online.

An example of just how low the house edge is on NetEnt’s Craps table game is when you compare it to other software providers games, take the combined house edge on the Don’t Pass wager, when played at NetEnt software powered site the house edge is 0.34%, however when playing that bet at Playtech or Microgaming powered sites on their respective Craps game variants the house edge is a much higher 0.45%. So for the lowest house edge Craps games stick to playing this table game at NetEnt software powered sites!

Playtech Table Games

One common mistake when players are playing at a Playtech software powered casino and want to play Roulette table games is that they think that the Mini Roulette game which all of these casino sites offer is a low house edge game, due to the game having just twelve numbers and one zero in play on the Roulette wheel.

However this is not true as this particular table game has a huge edge of a massive 7.69% which is not far short of three times as high as the Playtech European Roulette game variant. So if you do end up choosing a Playtech software powered casino site at which to play and have a bonus in your account or even are playing without a bonus, never play the Mini Roulette game and stick to playing the European Roulette variant instead!

IGT Interactive

Whilst the Keno table game may not be right at the top of casino players lists of games they love to play, should this number predicting game be one you like to get stuck into then make sure you have an IGT Interactive software powered site penciled in as casino to play it at. These sites have a Krazy Keno game which offers all of the usual betting propositions and wagering opportunities, however what makes it a stand out game is the house edge it offers.

The 10 Spot numbers bet is the one boasting the lowest house edge of just 4% meaning the long term expected payout percentage of this Krazy Keno 10 Spot game is 96%. When you compare is to the 94.56% payout percentage offered on Microgaming’s Keno game or the 92.55% offered on Playtech’s Keno game you can see why playing IGT Interactive’s Krazy Keno game with a bonus is going to give you the best chances of winning!

Microgaming Table Games

Microgaming have a wide selection of table games on offer at all casinos utilizing their gaming platforms, however one of the lowest house edge games you will find is on offer is their French Roulette game. Be aware that many such casino sites will not permit you to play French Roulette with a bonus, however if you do find one that does then this is an ideal table game to play with a bonus of any size.

The reason why Microgaming’s French Roulette game is a popular choice with bonus players is that the house edge on the even money paying positions is low in fact it is just 1.35% which is exactly half the house edge of the European Roulette game.

It is the games’ La Partage rule which results in the even money bets having the low house edge, as when you have placed such a wager and a zero has been spun in then half of your stakes on the even money paying locations are returned.

WMS Interactive Table Games

You are going to have two table games available at WMS software powered online casino sites, and these are the European and American Roulette games. As the latter named game has two zeros in play on its Roulette wheel and the European variant having just one then if you have been given a bonus and want to play Roulette then stick to the European game which comes with a payout percentage of 97.30%.

You will end up losing much quicker over the long term when playing the American Roulette game as that variant has a house edge of 5.26% (payout percentage 94.74%) which as you can see is much higher than the European Roulette game and as such offers poor value.

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