Australian Online Casinos

australian-flagAustralia is home to millions of people who have enjoyed forms of gambling for most of their lives. This area is home to thousands of casino locations and local pubs that offer real money games like pokies. There are also lotteries and sports betting locations hat provide many ways to win huge rewards. One would think that an area that supports gambling would also embrace online gambling, but one would be wrong. Australia is one of the many locations worldwide that does not condone online gambling and does not allow any licensed online casinos to operate within the country. With so many online casinos operating in other areas of the world, Aussie players do have choices.

In 2001, the Australian Interactive Gambling Act was passed and this completely ended any hopes of online casinos to operate in Australia. The legislation bans any operator from running a gambling site in Australia. However the law does not affect individual players who are gambling online. In fact, Aussie residents are free to visit any off shore online casinos that supports real money betting. They can also play at poker rooms and bet at sportsbook sites. With the law in place, an ordinary Australian citizen cannot b punished for gambling online. The law does make it a crime for an online casino to accept business from players located in Australia, but it is almost impossible to track this activity. It is also illegal for any individual or company to operate an online betting site in Australia.

One of the major exceptions to the law is in regards to sports betting. In Australia, it is legal to bet on sports online and there are only a few restrictions in place. Another interesting fact is that any online casino that did manage to start operating prior to the 2001 Act will have the ability to continue operating. Unfortunately, this only left one online casino in the running, Lasseters Online. This was the only legitimate online casino in Australia. However, with the passing of the UIGEA in the United States, the business at Lasseters suffered. Australia has a trade agreement with the US and the online casino was forced to ban US players from accessing the site. As a result, it closed in 2008, leaving no operating online casino in Australia.

The gambling law may be hard for residents to understand. It is not illegal for a person top bet online and play casino games or poker games, but it is illegal for any company or enterprise to offer any online gambling service to Australians. Despite these laws and efforts, the majority of operating offshore online casinos will gladly accept Aussie players since they are not operating under Australian laws. Up to now, no individual or operator has ever been fined or prosecuted under the current gambling laws.

Since there has never been any legal action taken, off shore operators continue to advertise to Aussie players and accept them at the sites, allowing real money games to be played. Australian gamblers will be happy to learn that they do have many choices available. A number of the leading operating online casinos that are licensed in other locations will cater to Aussie needs by offering usable payment methods, supporting local currencies and languages and offering access to the most popular games, with a focus being on pokie machines. The gambling laws in Australia may seem complex at first, but after learning more, players will find that they are not restricted legally from playing at any licensed off shore online casino.

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