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Online Casino games have become one of the main sources of entertainment for those who enjoy time spent gambling. One of the reasons online casino games are so popular is that many people do not have land based casinos close by and are therefore limited to holidays or the occasional getaway to have the fun they are looking for.

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Online Casinos games first hit the internet in 1994. One of the first to create casino games for the online market was MicroGaming. The initial games offered was impressive for its time and focused more towards classic styled slots, video poker and popular table games. Shorty thereafter additional software companies hit the market and began to produce casino games, which began to see the industry take hold and growth begin. Since that time, which doesn’t seem that long ago, the internet has seen many new software companies enter the online casino industry and begin to create casino games at a phenomenal pace.

It may be surprising to some but with the development of online casino games has seen land based game manufactures developing games for casinos similar to those found online. That in itself has had little impact as online casino games notoriously offer increased payout ratios. Reduced operating costs translates into the ability for online casinos to provide superior promotions and improved game results and in turn players have seen how these advantages outweighs any benefits that land based casino have to offer.

Today you can find thousands of different casino games online. The largest selection is the slot category as slots remain the game of choice for most payers. There are some simple reasons for this but mainly it is the flashy graphics, bonus features and simplicity of use that people find attractive. Slots are no longer gender specific as they were in the 50’s. Today’s slot player is as much male as they are female therefore finding slot themes geared towards male and female is common now. The variety of games is equal to that of any land based casino with video poker, card games, keno, bingo, poker and unique games such as arcade slots or scratchcards being offered at almost all online casinos.

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Video Slots have come along way in recent years. The advancements in software have allowed game developers to create slot games that include animations, unlimited pay lines and multiple new game features that have taken slots to a new level. Game features are a large attraction for many people as they offer the chance at large rewards. Some features you will find today include free spins, multiple level bonus games, rolling wilds, sticky wilds, random bonus games that can turn multiple reels wild and more. The list of common game features increases almost monthly it seems at game developers compete for the next best thing. That competition is great for those who play the slots and is something to keep a watch out for as well.

Video Poker is the next most popular game found at online casinos. This is the category that you will find the next largest selection of games. It will include multiple variations of the game, each offering different pay tables and game strategy that is used to play. Most online gaming software will offer single hand video poker and multi-hand video poker including 50 hand and 100 hand versions. Video Poker is similar to table games in such a way that the player has a greater control on the outcome of each hand, which those who play the game find most appealing.

playing craps in casinoTable games also have a strong appeal to many who play online. The game list of table games is broad and includes such games as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, sic-bo and craps. For the most part you will be able to play many versions of each game. Roulette is offered in both European and American for example and blackjack can be found in a wide variety of styles each offering you different angles on the game and different pay tables. Real money blackjack and Roulette are the most popular of the table games you will come across. The more experienced or discerning player will be driven towards games that require a higher degree of strategy in order to increase the percentage of wins or advantage they may gain against the casino.

Progressive games have always remained high on the list. Progressive slots offer people the chance at a life changing win and there are not many people who haven’t dreamed of winning the big one or a large enough amount of money that will pay off their mortgage, put their kids through school and afford them a lifestyle that is less stressful. Online progressive slots can do this with some jackpots exceed millions of dollars. Progressive slots are generally operated under as network games. This means that thousands of players are contributing to the jackpot so it is easy to see how with millions of players online, that this amount can quickly become a substantial amount.

If you are new to online gambling you will find that the game quality is impressive. As you begin to play online casino games you will find overall the amount you win and the size of some wins is much better than you have experienced in the past. There are some who believe that online games lack the flash and bang they see in land based casinos but they couldn’t be farther from the truth as online games offer more than just the flash and bang including better promotions, fantastic games list, the ability to play any game you wish without having to move or go search for the game you wish to play and more.

Read some of the game reviews you find on this site. As you view the pictures we have provided for you it will become clear that the quality these games offer is as we claim. You will be able to use these reviews in order to preview the games, find some you may like and even find a few casinos we recommend to play the games with. We hope you enjoy!

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