The history of Baccarat has always had been one that has been hotly debated. As with Blackjack Baccarat is though to have originated in France however others believe it first was created in Italy in the 15th century and played with tarot cards. While there is no exact prove exactly where Baccarat was invented it is commonly considered that France was its place of origin.

Until recently Baccarat was a game played by the elite of society. This was due to the game being seen as more complex with only those who were educated having the skills needed to play the game. This stayed true for centuries as the game was often segregated in most casinos for only those high roller players who understood the game. The inclusion of the internet however dramatically changed this as online casinos began to offer versions of the game. Many players who would not normally have played Baccarat began to play online and today it is no longer seen as a game only for the few but for the masses.

Baccarat is one of the best odds casino game.

Looking towards today’s game of Baccarat you will find it is played with six to eight decks of cards with between twelve and fourteen players seated at the table. It is important to realize that the edge that the house has will change based on the amount of cards being used. The fewer the decks in play there are will improve your odds whereas the opposite is true with more decks in play. The game is started after all players place a wager on either the banker or the player. There is no set rule on which to wager on but simply which one you think will win the hand. An additional wager may be placed on a tie or a standoff however this is not commonly done as ties and standoffs rarely occur.

Prior to the game commencing one player will be selected to act as the dealer. All players will be dealt two cards at the beginning of each hand of baccarat. Any numbered card, 2 through 9 will have a face value, all 10 cards will have a value of zero, face cards carry a value of ten followed by aces with a value of 1. If the total of the two cards dealt equal 8 or 9 then the hand is considered a natural hand and no additional cards will be dealt into play as 9 is the best hand possible in baccarat. Should the total of the two cards exceed 9 then the players two cards will be added together and only the number to the right will count. In other words should a player be dealt a 9 and a 7 the total would amount to 16 – therefore the hand would be valued at 6. Any hand where the two cards, when added together, result in a zero will be considered baccarat.


A third card can be dealt based on the results of the initial to cards that were dealt. If a players two cards total 5 or less they will receive a third card. Should the total be 6 or 7 the player hand will stand. The dealer may also draw a third card but the rules that govern this are more complex.

In the event that the player’s two cards equal 6 or 7 the banker will only consider their hand. Should the banker draw a third card it usually indicated they have a total of less than 5 as the dealer is required to stand on 6 or more. Should any player elect to draw a third card the banker is required to act in the following manner. If a player is dealt a 2/3 and the bankers hand is less than 4 he will be dealt a third card with the dealer standing on 5 or more. Should the player draw 4/5 and the bankers hand is less than 5 then a third card will be dealt with the dealer standing on 6 or more.

If a player is dealt a 6/7 with the bankers hand totals less than 6 he will be dealt a third card with the dealer standing on 7 or more. Should the player draw an 8 and the banker has drawn less than 2 he will have to be dealt a third card but if his cards total 3 or better he will have to stand. When a players two cards total 9/10 the banker will be required to deal himself a third card is his cards total 3 or less and stand should his cards total 4 or more.

There are some interesting facts to consider when placing a wager in Baccarat. When playing baccarat with 6 decks of cards the banker will win 46% of the time, a player will win 44% of the time and a tie will result less than 10%. When playing with 8 decks of cards the odds do not change much so generally it is not a large factor between the two and any strategy used should not be altered too much if at all.

Tie bets are not often placed based on the statistics above. The percentage that a tie bet will pay of is less than 10% and therefore is not worth the added wager. As you can see from the statistics above the banker will overall win more than the player therefore the casino applies a 5% commission on all banker bets.

The game of baccarat is a complex game and does require a certain amount of strategy be used in order to improve your overall percentage of wins. Take some time to read baccarat strategy but be sure, if knew to the game that you play in fun mode prior to playing for real money. Online casinos will allow you to play for free and often will include tutorials to help you gain a better understanding of the game. Once you feel comfortable with baccarat you can then play for real money and begin to build your bankroll.

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