Bitcoin Blackjack

bitcoin-logoDo not be under any illusions should you wish to play Blackjack online by play at a Bitcoin accepting casino, you are going to find just as many different Blackjack variants as you can do when playing at any other type of online casino.

One site that has impressed us greatly with all aspects of their operation is the mBit Casino site, for unlike many other Bitcoin casinos they have chosen to use a leading software providers range of games which means you are guaranteed to be playing high playing and more importantly fair Bitcoin Blackjack games online, for plenty of facts and figures along with the benefits of playing at this casino site feel free to take a look over our mBit Casino review.

Standard Bitcoin Blackjack

Many players tend to stick to playing the standard Blackjack game variants when opting to play at a Bitcoin casino site for by doing so they will not have to learn a different playing and betting strategy than the one they are already familiar with.

If you do wish to use Bitcoin to make your casino deposits and therefore play completely anonymously then the BetSoft Gaming suite of casino games offered at our listed and feature Bitcoin casino named above is the place to visit and there standard Blackjack game variant is quite liberal in regards to its playing rules and offers a low house edge and is therefore a game worth playing.

You can play this standard Bitcoin Blackjack game for various different stake levels from low to high stakes, and you will benefit from the usual winning payouts including 3 to 2 for a winning Blackjack hand, even money on all other winning hand combinations and a 2 to 1 winning payout is awarded to players taking the Insurance wager when the Dealers hand is a Blackjack hand.

The Dealer stands his hand when dealt out any form of 17 hands including both soft and hard hands, and players can split matching cards and any split Ace which has a Ten valued card dealt out to it will return a winning payout if unmatched by the Dealers hand of even money.

Face Up 21 Blackjack Game

One recent addition to the range of Bitcoin Blackjack games that you can readily access when playing at our listed Bitcoin Casino site is the Face up 21 Blackjack game, now this game does differ from every other Blackjack game variant out there in as much as the Dealers will deal his cards facing upwards.

This does of course mean you can instantly see not only what cards he has as his initial two cards, but can make all of your remaining betting decisions accordingly! However there is a price which needs to be paid for that very unusual playing rule and that is you are only paid out at odds of even money for a winning Blackjack hand and do not get the usual 3 to 2 payout for that winning hand combination.

Live Dealer Bitcoin Blackjack

The mBit Casino site will also give you access to a Live Dealer Blackjack game variant, and it is worth us pointing out that not many Bitcoin accepting casino sites offer a Live Blackjack game, and as such this site is well worth you singing up to if you want to access both the standard software driven Blackjack game variants named above along with the Live Dealer Blackjack game on which an overview of this game can be found below.

There are a total of 8 full decks of playing cards that are in play in the shoe of Bitcoin Live Dealer Blackjack and at various times in the game when the plastic shuffle card is revealed the Dealer is going to then shuffle the entire shoe of cards at the end of that current game.

The Dealer’s playing rules are very straight forward to understand when playing Live Dealer Blackjack and as such the dealer will stand their hand when any 17 valued hands have been dealt out to them.

All of the standard betting decisions and playing moves are available on the Live Dealer Blackjack game and as such you can stand or hit your hand at will, and both splitting any pair of cards and doubling down your wager is permitted when indicated on the screen, both splitting and doubling down will of course require players to pay an additional stake equal to the value of their initial wager.

Insurance is going to be offered to players, but as the perfect playing strategy of this game calls for players to never take this betting option then do not take it for by doing so you will increase the house edge attached to this Blackjack game variant, which you will not want to do.

The payouts which are awarded to players winning any hand on Blackjack played on Bitcoin Live Blackjack games are 3 to 2 for a winning players Blackjack hand, 2 to 1 for a winning Insurance wager and all other winning wagers including split Aces which get dealt a ten valued card are paid out at odds of even money.

Playing in Bitcoins

One thing which may have crossed your mind is what casino currency is in play when you deposit using Bitcoins, this will depend on just which Bitcoin Casino site you opt to play at for some Bitcoin accepting casinos will allow you to play in Bitcoins but to ensure you can adjust the value of your stakes and wagers you will be able to fully adjust the stakes to fractions of Bitcoins.

Some Bitcoin accepting casinos on the other hand will convert Bitcoin deposits into casino credits and as such you could for example get 100 or 1000 credits for each full single Bitcoin you deposit and this allows you to play Bitcoin Blackjack for stake levels of your own choosing, and when you cash out any winning these casino credits are then converted back into Bitcoins.

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