Bitcoin Roulette

bitcoin-logoAfter reading this Bitcoin Roulette game article please do visit our page on which you will find our mBit Casino Review, for when it comes to playing at an online casino that lets you fund your account using Bitcoins and will instantly pay you out all of your winnings there really is no better site at which to play at than mBit Casino.

Below are the current collection of Bitcoin Roulette games which can be played without the need to download any kind of casino software, being instant play Roulette games you can get stuck into playing them for real money using Bitcoin deposits, or for a risk free session then do give them a little play time via the free play options.

European Roulette Bitcoin Game

Of all the casino games you are going to be able to access and play at any Bitcoin accepting casino site it is the game of Roulette that can often offer you some massive swings in fortune, and with a series of winning outcomes you could turn a small modest bankroll into a huge winning payout, and this is of course the main attraction of the game of Roulette.

However, as there are quite a number of different Roulette game variants available to play online then it is going to pay dividends for players to know the difference between the most commonly available Roulette games, so they can then make an informed decision on just which ones are worth playing and which ones are not worth playing.

When it comes to playing Roulette at a Bitcoin Casino site you will find two variants always on offer the first is the American Roulette game listed below, however the best one to play is the European Roulette game.

What makes Bitcoin European Roulette worth playing from a players point of view is that just one single zero is in play on the wheel, and as the payouts for spinning in any of the available single number betting options is 35 to 1, the house edge on this game works out at a very appealing 2.70% which is much lower than the American Roulette game variant.

You are able to play the Bitcoin European Roulette game for any stake level you choose within the preset table stake limits, and as such low rolling players as well as those players who like to play in a much more high risk but often high reward type of way can freely do so.

By opting to play European Roulette at our listed above Bitcoin casino site then you are going to be playing a 3D version of the game which comes with completely enhanced graphics and also boasts a set of very easy to use playing controls, so placing your wagers onto the Roulette betting limits is quick and hassle free, you will also find onscreen displays showing you which numbers have recently spun in so if you are a system player you will find that very handy.

Bitcoin American Roulette Variant

There is not much point in playing the American Roulette game when you find it on offer at any Bitcoin casino site, or for that matter any type of casino whether an online one or a land based one, for with two zeros on the wheel one a single zero and the other one a double zero, the house edge on this game is horrendously high at 5.26%.

As the payouts awarded to players are exactly the same when playing American Roulette as when playing the much more player friendly European Roulette game reviewed above that European Roulette games 2.70% house edge is going to give you more winning chances and is the choice game of any savvy Roulette game player.

Live Bitcoin Roulette

We would like to introduce you to one particular online Roulette game that is going to give you the very best playing structure and this is the Live Roulette game offered at our top rated Bitcoin Casino site, playing Live Roulette allows you to play at real life Roulette tables in a land based venue but without the need to leave your own home.

A high definition video broadcast of the Roulette game is fed straight to your computer and this allows players playing at any Live Roulette table to be able to see the Roulette table, the Croupier and the ball in play on the Roulette wheel at all times.

You will find the European Roulette game is the one played on these Live Bitcoin Roulette tables and as such that low 2.70% house edge we mentioned earlier on the software driven game is what you will be up against.

You can play every single type of wagering option on the live European Roulette game and as such you will get plenty of winning opportunities should you opt to give it some play time, plus as this game comes with a chat facility if you want to chat to the Croupier or other players sat around the table you are able to do so.

Stakes when using Bitcoins

You can adjust the chips values when playing Roulette at a Bitcoin accepting casino site, however please do be aware that in regards to the actual way some casinos that accept Bitcoins set their respective casino currency playing options are different.

Some of the Bitcoin casinos that use their own unique and proprietary software will require you to use Bitcoins and fractions of Bitcoins as the chip values, whilst some casinos exchange all of your Bitcoin deposits, whether small or large, into their own unique casino credits.

When a casino does use the casino credits system then when a one Bitcoin deposit is made they will give you 100 or 1000 casino credits to play with in exchange for one Bitcoin, and when you cash out you benefit from the same exchange rate and as such if the casino gives you 1000 casino credits for a Bitcoin when depositing and you cash out 5000 casino credits then you will get paid five Bitcoins when cashing out your winnings.

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