Marvel Comics Themed Online Scratchcards

fantastic-4-scratchcardThere is no getting away from the fact that Playtech’s collections of Marvel Jackpot slots are all highly playable. With each of them offering players the chance of winning, at random, a progressive jackpot along with each of the slots in the series giving players all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features you will have hours of fun playing any of them.

However, high action video slots like the Marvel Jackpot slot games do not appeal to every online casino game player, and as such to allow those players who like the comic book themes offered on those games, Playtech have now launched a range of Scratchcard based games all of which boast an identical theme to the slots.

Below is an overview of these brand new slots which we are confident you will enjoy playing. Be aware however that some of the payout percentages on offer on both the slots and scratchcard games can and do vary.

Fantastic 4 – The Fantastic Four Slot is the first slot game which is part of the Marvel Jackpot slot game range that has now got its own sister scratchcard game. You will find the scratch game very simply to play and with a jackpot worth up to a whopping 10,000 times your staked amount there are plenty of reasons to give it some play time.

Elektra – There is now a brand new sister game to the Elektra Slot and this is of course the Elektra scratchcard game. This game has an unusual structure for by lining up a set of matching weapon symbols in a row you will win the corresponding cash prize attached to the end of that winning row.

Punisher War Zone –The Punisher War Zone Slot is yet another great playing and paying slot game from Playtech and if you are thinking of playing a game with a similar theme then there really is only one game you can play and that is the Punisher War Zone scratch and match game! Simply match three symbols after scratching of the playing panels and if you get three matching symbols you win, it is as simple as that! The jackpot on offer on this game is a very large 1000 times your staked amount.

Kong – Playtech’s Kong Slot game has also been made into a Scratchcard game. So if you like that loveable yet murderous creature King Kong then the next time you log into a Playtech software powered online casino site, give the Arcade games menu a click as that is where you will find this fun to play yet basic structured game on offer.

X-Men – The X Men Slot game has proven to be one of the most popular Marvel Jackpot slots that Playtech have ever released. It is the unique bonus game that does attract a lot of players and if you like playing games which boast themes based on characters from Comic Books then you will be pleased to hear there is now an X-Men themed scratch and match type game on offer at Playtech powered casinos.

This new game is very fast playing and allows players to put into play one of several different stake levels and with a large and instantly won jackpot always on offer, you really ought to check this new game out and give it your very best shot.

Iron Man 2 – The Iron Man 2 Slot is in fact part of a three slot series of games found in Playtech casino sites. This slot is possibly the best slot of the series however you now have another Iron Man themed game available and that is the Iron Man 2 Scratchcard game.

The jackpot you will be playing for on this new scratch game is 10,000 times you wagered amount, and all you have to do to win is to scratch of the nine onscreen panels and then reveal a matching set of three Reactor symbols in a row, the row can be upwards, downwards or diagonally and the prize on offer will only be revealed once you have formed a winning row of matching symbols.

Incredible Hulk – As you will already know the Incredible Hulk can be something of a nasty character, however you now have the option of playing a scratchcard game which is themed around this character as well as a slot on which a special bonus game can be triggered. The scratchcard game will see you having to simply match a set of symbols once you have scratched of the playing panels to win a cash prize instantly.

Thor – The Thor Slot is another game popular with Playtech software powered casino players, and if you enjoy the slot make sure you give the Thor Scratchcard game a little play time, scratch of the panels after placing a wager of your own choosing and if you match three symbols you could win a cash prize of up to 1000 times your total staked amount.

Captain America – You may just enjoy playing another Marvel Jackpot slot game that being the Captain America Slot and if you do then another game which may be worth checking out is the scratchcard game which shares the same name.

Blade – If you enjoy playing the Blade Slot then make sure you play the very strategic Blade Scratchcard game. For when you do you are going to have to use your skill and judgement to pick off just four of the nine panels displayed on the card, in the hope you match three symbols, if you do then a cash prize will be awarded to you as displayed on the prize box.

June 30, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.