Casino News

Overtime we have been sending out surveys where visitors have had the opportunity to select what they wanted to see more on The Casino Wire. To no surprise we have received a majority of request for more frequent casino news reports. We agree and have decided to do just that and now your able to receive news on a daily basis. This can include breaking casino stories to promotional materials from local casinos and slot manufactures. Keep in mind we try to only publish news we think that will be beneficial to a global majority of our guest who visit frequently. This is not an easy task but we will continue to thrive on offering only the best information for you. With this all being said, let’s dig into some more detail on what you can expect to find while visiting the news section.

  • Casino Games; We don’t think you can ever get enough information on casino game changes with local or online based casinos.
  • New Casinos; This is always a good thing right? We think so assuming your using the information to get rewards.
  • Casino Regulations; Casinos tend to change directions on a regular basis based on governed bodies. We will try and keep you in the loop with these such changes.
  • Casino Scams; Unfortunately these still exist in this day and age. If we find out about any casino not following rules and regulations we will report on them in the casino news section.
  • Player Feedback; We don’t think we can not have enough feedback about casinos worldwide. If you have feedback simply contact us and we will evaluate it.

Now that we have listed what we plan on doing more of please feel free to share the news sources on related sites. We do have some terms however and that is you must link back to us as the original source. We don’t like people stealing our hard work and we doubt you do either. Please get in touch with us if you have a question in regards to this as we comply fully with DMCA and other governing bodies.

Another section we really want to touch up on is the local jackpot winners. Going over this section has not really been attempted to be done online and it’s something we want to dig into. If you have recently won a jackpot locally or online we would love to report on it. If you would like your real name or other particular information removed from the casino article that is also acceptable.

In the past I have only been against publicly posting information in regards to large lottery winners as they find themselves in a position where people would harass them for money or other things. Just recently a lottery winner who publicly announced he won a million dollars on a lottery ended up dead in the morgue. There seems to be a curse on large winners over the past decade and to avoid any types of curses we will not be publishing these winners.

Interesting Casino Facts

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital in the world. Indeed it is, there is over 140 open casinos in Las Vegas. Did you know however there is over 1000 land based casinos in the United States? This means Las Vegas carries less then 15% of all casinos in the states. It comes to no surprise Las Vegas also leads all other casinos world wide with over 5 billion in revenue sales each year. Macau however leads all areas for total revenue which is almost double of all casinos in Las Vegas!

Online Casinos on the other hand are not to far behind land based casinos. Although it appears the laws and regulations are up for grabs when it comes to gambling online it’s been reported some have earned over 1 billion a year in casino profits. I personally prefer to play locally as I’m able to cash out whenever but if that’s not an easy option for you some online casinos are great and safe to play at. Check out our casino review section for more information regards to that.

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