888 Can Finally Offer Live Dealer Casino Games in Spain

It’s viva España as 888 launch live games to the Iberian country…
Spain has been a very complicated country for players to gamble in, in recent months. Part of the reason for that is due to the economic crisis which led to a quarter of all Spanish nationals being out of luck and unemployed. Another part of it was the notoriously strict anti-gambling laws that the Catholic country imposed upon its subjects. However, there is good news at last coming to Spain, as the powers that be have approved a new live dealer gaming facility within the country, all thanks to 888.com.

888 has teamed up with Evolution Gaming to create a brand new live roulette live dealer game which will be launched in the country of Spain. What makes this recent development all the more impressive is that the new game will see 888 and Evolution Gaming become the first international operator to be permitted to offer online live games in the country, where the regulated gambling market is tight.

888 Live Dealers Spain

According to the Vice President of regulated markets at 888 Gaming, a Mr. Yuval Benyamini, 888 has already long enjoyed the privileges of being a licensed operator in Spain, and has long enjoyed a decent share of the Spanish gambling market. It is his fondest hopes that the new live dealer roulette game will permit 888 to further enhance their share of the market, by becoming the first international operator to offer such a thing.

The brand new online live dealer games will be run for up to sixteen hours per day, seven days a week and will be broadcast from a special live roulette studio based at Evolution’s main studio in the Casino Rincon de Pepe in Murcia. As required by the local gambling populace, all of the live dealer games will feature Spanish dealers, speaking Spanish. It is also thought that the Spanish live dealer roulette will only be but the first of a series of live games offered by 888 and Evolution Gaming now to the Iberian country.

Sebastian Johannisson who is the Head of Account Management at Evolution Gaming is also reported to be thrilled with the deal, and boasted of Evolution’s worldwide fame for bolstering the advantages of operators in markets. He added that it was “fantastic that we achieved this for 888 in Spain”, and that he was excited to offer the new product to a young market in the country.

888 and Evolution Gaming’s brand new live roulette live dealer games will now be available in 888’s online casino sites across Spain. Most importantly of all is that the move if fully compliant with all of Spain’s strict anti-gambling laws and regulations, making it one hundred percent legitimate and legal for Spanish players to involve themselves in.

Spain has recently loosened some of its grip on the regulation of their gambling market, but still denies many online casino operators licenses to offer their services to Spanish gamblers, particularly if they are non-Spanish sites and operators. It is a move that is being closely monitored and possibly adopted in other European countries regarding their own casinos and gamblers.

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