Baccarat still popular on Macau Casino Floors

There are literally acres of green baize used for Macau Baccarat table. Every casino has huge rooms filled with these tables, as Chinese gamblers prove that this is their favourite game. If you remember the movie Indecent Proposal, you will remember that Robert Redford’s character played this game, as did James Bond. But the game of Baccarat no longer only for the likes of 007 …Bond… James Bond, it is the game of choice of Mainland Chinese visitors at this gambling destination.

The majority of gamblers visiting Macau hail from the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, and as well as playing this game, they bring along many distinctive, superstitious rituals, but a little more about these rituals later. Right now this game is King in Macau, and some exponential profits are being shown. Despite uncertainties such as the H7N9 virus, and mainland junket crackdowns, the first three months of this year (2013) have shown numbers in the tens of billions dollars.

These means the baccarat business is still exceptionally robust, and in fact increasing at a rate of 14.8% over figures for the same financial period of 2012. Baccarat also accounts for 91% of all gambling revenue for the island state. Two thirds of this number, comes from VIP Baccarat alone, while standard forms of the game account for just 23%.

It is interesting to note however, that this particular game is one of the oldest of all Chinese gambling games. It has a great deal of VIP allure, and is extremely popular with high rollers, as we can see profits being made. It is also one of those classic casino games which features a low house edge. But what superstitions are the Chinese actually bringing to these baize tables?

According to a CNN report, these players crease the cards by squeezing them tightly, slowly peeking at them, and turning the card horizontal to peek again. This slow-dance ruins the cards, and makes them impossible to reuse, but this practice is tolerated by these casinos. According to people in the know, this squeezing and bending of the cards is believed to be able to change the outcome.

Some players blow on their cards, while others call out special (magical?) words before turning to see how close to the magic number nine their cards are. As well as betting on the outcome of the cards themselves, they also bet on winning and losing players, as the belief is that luck can be transferred.

These players also look out for trends with both bankers and players; for example three straight wins would be enough to convince them that a banker or player was having good luck. In this case, this type of player will walk the casino floor, on the lookout for trends such as these, which can also draw rather large crowds. Monitors are even installed to point punters to players who are enjoying a winning streak.

Basically Baccarat is a favourite because of the small house edge, and it offers the best possible option for the punters bankroll to last the longest.

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