Bally Launches New Take ‘n Play Concept

bally-take-n-playAllowing slot players to play casino games from home on either a laptop, home computer or a mobile device is something that more and more land based casinos are offering, however this is usually achieved by those players having to log onto to either the online or mobile casino website attached to those venues.

However, Bally who are famed of their innovative gaming solutions have just launched something that should be of interest to a lot of land based slot players and that is their Take ‘n Play concept.

This allows any player sat playing a land based Bally designed slot to request a tablet device from that casino, and that slot they were playing will then be streamed directly to the tablet device, and as such they can carry on playing it when they are anywhere within the casino, including the bar area, a hotel room or even when just walking around the casino.

This new Take ‘n Play concept is going to prove hugely popular with players who fancy having  a cigarette when the casino they are playing at doesn’t permit smoking on the gaming floor, or when a player wants to visit the buffet or restaurant and doesn’t wish to stop playing the slot they are playing.

How does the Take ‘n Play Concept Work?

Let us now guide you through the unique way the Take ‘n Play Concept works and operates, as we are sure you will have a few questions that need answering.

Requesting a Tablet Device – Players playing on any Bally Slot machine which permitted the Take n Play option can, via the game play control panel, request a Tablet device from the casino staff. The players will then be given an Android Tablet device which is then connected to their slot machine via a secure wireless connection.

Machine in Use – It is the slot game the player was playing that will be the one connected up to the Tablet device and as such whilst that player is playing the slot a “Slot in Use” message is displayed on the slot game they are playing on the casino floor via the Tablet device and all of the game play controls and coin and note acceptors are disable for the duration of their play.

Where to Play – Once you have been connected up to the Tablet device then you are going to be able to play the slot game on that device from anywhere permitted and approved by the casino you are in. Many casinos will permit you to use the Tablet device and play that slot from anywhere in their property, whether that is in your hotel room, sat around the pool or even when in the bar or restaurant areas.

Comps and Loyalty Points – You are still going to be earning comp and loyalty points when you play the slot games remotely via the Tablet device, and as such you will not be making any compromises when accessing the slot games in this way in regards to getting lots of little extras awarded to you for all of your real money slot playing gaming action.

Compatible Slot Machines – Currently the slot games which are compatible with the Take ‘n Play concept are Bally slots that are housed in their Pro Series cabinets which include the Alpha 2 Pro V32, Alpha 2 Pro V22/22 and the Alpha 2 Pro Wave slot types.

Slot Machine RTP’s – As it is the physical slot machine based on the casinos gaming floor you will be playing via the Tablet device you will find that there will be no difference what so ever in regards to the long term expected payout percentage you will be getting when you play the slot in the wireless way. So one way to ensure you always get the maximum winning chances will of course be to select on the slots which have the highest RTP’s to play.

Game Control Buttons – As mentioned above when you are playing a slot remotely the slot you are playing on the gaming floor is completely de-activated and as such no other players will be able to play it. However, all of the actual game play control buttons on that slot will be available on the Tablet device so you are able to control and configure each spin in the way you wish to play the slot.

So you will be able to play each spin off at a speed of your own choosing by clicking on the spin button, and you will also have full control over the stakes and/or paylines you put into play on each remote spin you play off.

Cashing Out – One aspect to playing slot games that you may be wondering about is how to request winning cash outs. You will not want to have to dash back to the slot machine and cash out your winnings manually when you are up in your hotel room for example.

This is one of the additional features of the Take ’n Play concept you are able to cash out your winnings at any time and they can only be cashed out by you. So do not worry about some other player getting their hands on your winnings when you hit the cash out button if you are nowhere near the physical slot machine at the time you hit that button.

Real Money Option – One aspect to playing slots remotely via the Take ‘n Play concept is that you are only going to be able to play the slot machines in a real money mode. There is no option available for you to play the slots on offer on a casino floor in a free play option.

There are no current plans to roll out this concept to slot tournament players however that may be an interesting way of increasing the popularity of playing slot via the Tablet devices. Look out for these new slot games rolling out on the case floor as you may get to like the way the Tablet devices can be used to play anywhere in the casino property.

April 17, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.