Full Tilt Poker to offer variety of Online Casino Games

Full Tilt GamingOnline poker has been so successful for the Rational gaming company, the owners of Full Tilt Poker, that they’re now planning on expanding and delving into the world of full online casino gaming. The company released an official statement on July 16 which said they plan on offering casino style games on the Full Tilt Poker site, but will still be committed to delivering the best online poker games available and will continue with PokerStars as a poker-only option.

It went on to say that customers will find the new casino games to be of the same high quality as the poker offerings. This means players can be confident they will enjoy the experience and receiver the best in online gaming safety, integrity, support and security. Reports say that the first step in the company’s expansion plans will be to come up with a wide variety of popular online casino games.

The name is also expected to be expanded as the Full Tilt moniker should remain, but the word poker will be replaced by something broader such as Gaming or similar. So, you may soon see a name change to Full Tilt Gaming or something quite similar. It’s believed that the expansion will help PokerStars in several ways. For example, PokerStars needs to present an internal online casino platform if it hopes to fully pursue the regulated market in America. If it remains a poker-only website it’s going to be harder to keep up with competitors Party and 888.

In addition it seems that Full Tilt Poker has now reached its peak as a poker-only site and has leveled off slightly below the company’s expectations for it. The brand name is still tarnished in the eyes of many users and it’s been hard to regain their full confidence. Also, it’s been proven that online casinos are profitable, especially those which start out with a good bankrolled player base. The Rational group has been around for a dozen years now and this will be its first foray into online casino games after offering poker only up until now.

July 18, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.