Net Entertainment will begin to offer Live Dealer Games

Swedish gambling giant Net Entertainment are to offer live dealer casino games for the very first time. Two online casinos which are already powered by the Swedish company’s software have already put the new platform up for use at their sites, and there is demand for more of the same from other online casinos also tied into deals with Net Entertainment.

Currently, Net Entertainment has only released a live roulette game on their new live dealer casino platform, although there are plans for live dealer blackjack, and several more additional live dealer games to join their arsenal in the very near future.

Having been established in 1996, Net Entertainment have been at the forefront of the online gambling for many years, and all that experience in the industry has helped them along to attempt to push the boundaries and break into new markets; the latest move to break into the live dealer casino games market is evidence of that. The latest move has been in the making since 2011.

Although Net Entertainment software generally supports over twenty three languages, the first live dealer roulette games have come online in the two Net Entertainment casinos running them in both English and Italian only for the moment. Net Entertainment have also ensuring that their live dealer roulette game is of high quality streaming, and that it accepts twenty three currencies in total.

The stream for the game is in the top half of the screen, whilst your betting ticket is on the top left. In the bottom half of the screen is the wagering table, and the top right reveals the number the roulette ball has landed on. All in all, it is sleek and simple and easily navigated, not posing any real problems or confusion to the gamer.

Both male and female dealers host the roulette tables, and all of the above mentioned features are expected to be included into the other Net Entertainment live dealer games when they come online in the near future.

February 6, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.