Record winnings

If you’ve ever played a slot game at a online casino, I am sure that the thought of winning a life changing amount has crossed your mind. Admit it, you’ve (at least once) thought that maybe today might be your lucky day. Well, there are lucky players that struck it rich with massive amounts of money and if you want to know more about the top 10 biggest online jackpot winners, continue reading.


It is one of the most popular slots and you should not be surprised why. Mega Moolah has paid out millions to players worldwide and the sums of money paid out is pretty impressive. A Greek business owner could not believe his eyes when he won $8.6 million in March 2009. At the time it was the biggest micro gaming online jackpot payout and that puts Georgics M 10th on the list.


Hall of Gods is a Norse mythology-themed slot that seem to be very generous with pay-outs if you consider that it’s combined lifetime pay-outs are worth $92 million. But, it was one lucky Norwegian that banked himself a whopping $8.63 million by playing this slot in June 2017.


Another big win came from Hall of Gods in April 2015. The player preferred to stay anonymous so there is no information regarding age, gender or location available. The amount of money will be remembered for a long time to come seeing that it was a record pay-out of $8.73 million at the time.


A lady in Sweden had her lucky day in November 2012 when she won a staggering $8.75 million also playing Hall of Gods. This game seem to top the generosity chart. After her big win she claimed she was a bit dazed and that it was unbelievable. I am sure you would have felt the same after realising that you’s just won a life changing amount of cash.


On 28 August 2016 a anonymous person (only known as D.P) won the second biggest progressive jackpot on a mobile device. No information about the player is known except that the incredible $8.82 million was won on an iPad. The lucky player was playing Mega Moolah and was signed up to a promotion called ’80 chances to become a millionaire’, where the deposit requirement was only $1. That must be the best $1 D.P ever spent.


Again a anonymous player broke the mobile-device-win record by winning $9.22 million. The lucky player won the amount while betting $7.2 per spin but it definitely paid off. Mega Moolah was again the slot that was played and held true to it’s rewarding nature. So on April 2017 one extremely lucky person won a amount of money that most dream of.


Another Swedish player won $9.57 million at the age of 30 while playing Mega Fortune on 28 November 2015. The player known as Alexander said that he was literally speechless for a while but after realisation kicked in, he woke up his wife and they celebrated. And they lived happily ever after.


On one night in Norway, a young man could not fall asleep. He decided to pass the time by playing Mega Fortune. Little did he know that this decision would make him $13.47 million richer. The anonymous player said that he couldn’t get back to sleep until 6a.m and that he was in great shock.


Jonathan Heywood form the UK won $17.2 million by playing Mega Moolah at the young age of 26. The British soldier’s lucky day came on 6 October 2015 while playing 25p spins. Jonathan said that everything felt surreal and that he would take care of his ill father with the money he won.


The luckiest man in the world is a Finnish man who won $24 million after a 25c bet. The 40-year old man said that he laughed and cried at the same time after his win on 20 January 2013.

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