Bell of Fortune Mobile Slot Review

bell-of-fortune-slotWhen it comes to giving mobile phone and mobile device users access to a range of high jackpot paying mobile slot games then those mobile sites which use Play n Go’s suite of casino slots have a small yet varied collection of these kinds of slot machines, and one of them which may interest you is the Bell of Fortune mobile slot.

This is a low stake, three reel single line structure slot and as is the norm for such slots of this type you will need to play with the maximum number of coins in play to hopefully spin in the progressive paying jackpot combination, which for reference is three of the Bell symbols!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

You are not going to find this Bell of Fortune slot game awarding you a bonus game, as being a Classical type of progressive slot it hasn’t got any attached to it, but what you will find is it does boast a quick playing style and a range of generous payouts once you spin in any of the winning combinations listed on the pay table, a few of which we have listed below for you.

Should you be the type of player who would prefer to play the bonus video slots then you will find a large collection of them on offer at Play n Go software powered mobile casinos, we have plenty of them listed on our website so do have a good look around it as we are confident there will be several of them which will be of interest to you!

Payouts and Stakes

With just one payline on offer then you will not have many decisions to make when you settle down to give this Bell of Fortune slot game some playtime, however you will need to decide just how many coins you will want to play on that single payline.

The coin settings on this mobile slot are fixed at just 0.25 and you can play up to three of them on each game you play, which will obviously result in a maximum bet spin costing you a total of 0.75.

When you play this slot game for real money with the maximum number of coins in play you will activate the progressive element of the slot and also benefit from a payout percentage that has been certified as being 94,12%, however if you do not play maximum coins the long term expected payout percentage drops to just 87.92%!

The three bell winning combination pays 200.00 for a one coin spin, 400.00 for a two coin spin and the progressive jackpot is triggered and awarded when playing three coins per spin.

Other reel symbols found in play on this Bell of Fortune mobile slot game including the Strawberry symbols which is the second highest paying reel symbol in play on it, you will also find Orange and Plum symbols in play.

A modest payout is also awarded whenever you have spun in one or two of the Bell symbols anywhere on the payline. This Bell symbol is also a Wild symbol and as such will stand in for all other reel symbols.

April 18, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.