Bigger Bang Series of Slots

bigger-bang-slotsThe Bigger Bang series of slot machines that have been designed by WMS have quickly and firmly established themselves as some of the most played slot machines in land based casinos throughout the US, and there is one reason why players simply cannot help playing this series of slot machines and that is they come packed and we really do mean packed with a whole host of bonus game features that can trigger frequently and can award some mega sized winning payouts.

There are several slot machines in the Bigger Bang series of slots and these include the Los Aztecas slot which is by far and away one of the most exciting slots in the series, keep on reading to find out just what this slot has to offer via both its base game and the multi level bonus game for you are not going to find any slot machine offering as many features as this little beauty.

The one thing that you do need to be aware of is that this series of slots have been designed as community slot games and that does of course mean that you are going to find large banks of these slot machines all linked up to each other and you are going to be playing them alongside other players.

Casino Titan

The main attraction of any type of community based slot machine is that many of the bonus games and bonus features these slot machines have on offer will, when triggered, see every single player taking part in the bonus games all at the same time, so finally it is possible for everyone you are set next to when playing slot machines in a land based casino venue to win at the same time, instead of several of you losing and just one player appearing to have all the luck in the world.

Where to play the Bigger Bang Slots


Casino Titan is a site we can recommend to all of our US based website visitors, this is a great casino site to play at if you are looking to play hundreds of different types of slot machines, some of their better paying games which boast various different bonus and base games features are their Real Series of slots and when you play any of them for any stake level you could end up winning a randomly awarded progressive jackpot.

Both of the two approved and fully licensed online casinos sites have a large range of ongoing bonus offers and both of them have their own rewarding casino comp slot which does of course mean by giving any of their many slot machines a try for real money then you will be accumulating comp points which you will be able to swap for playing credits and free casino chips, checkout their respective websites for more details.

Bigger Bang Slots Bonus Features

Let us now guide you through all of the many different bonus game features that can be won and triggered when playing the Big Bang series of slot machines, the first thing that you will find on offer on these slots is a set of free spins and whenever you are awarded with them you will be given an initial set of free spins which you will be playing off with the same number of activated paylines and on the same stake levels as on the base game spin that triggered the free pins bonus round feature.

The slots also come with a set of Mystery reel symbols and these can turn into Wild symbols and when they do then you are hopefully going to see multiple winning combinations forming depending on where those Mystery symbols spin in.

The Piggy Bank bonus game feature is quite a comical one, but it can also be a very rewarding one when it triggers, for when awarded the Piggies will start to cheer as coins starting dropping at various speeds into the onscreen Piggy Bank, you will be watching as the Piggy Bank get fuller and fuller and there will come a point when it becomes so full of coins that it explodes, and when it does explode players will win the amount of coins the Piggy Bank last had in it when it blew up.

One of the best bonus game features this slot series can award players with is the Pig Race bonus feature round, here players have to choose one of the five Pigs taking part in the next race and once all players have selected their own Pig then they will start to race, and players can keep track of the race via the large video screen, wherever each players’ Pig finishes in the race will determine just how much cash that player has won, obviously the Pigs finishing in the top positions are going to be worth more than those finishing in the last few places in the race, so pick your Pig wisely.

The Bigger Bang Cash Bonus game will see players taking turns to roll a dice, the higher the number rolled in will see that player moving higher up the cash awarding prize ladder, players can win various cash amounts when playing this bonus game however if a bomb is uncovered then the bonus game will end.

One very amusing bonus game you can win is the Pigs Take Over bonus feature round, and this will see the video screen located in front of the slot machines showing a Pig jumping down the screen and onto one of the players slot screens and when this happens that lucky player will then be awarded one bonus spin on which there will be from one to five of his reels turned into Wild reels for that one spin, obviously the more Wild Reels in play on that one spin the better the winning payouts will be.


If you are planning a trip to a land based casino then why not plan ahead and find a venue that has slots such as the Bigger Bang slot game series available, they are great slots to play and if you do intend going to with any friends of family members then these really are a great set of slot machines to play as a group.

Thanks to the community design of these slot games you will find a lot of camaraderie amongst players even if you do not know your fellow players, and as soon as the bonus games start to trigger and those little Piggies start to appear then all players playing these slots know they are shortly about to win something, their winning payout may be small or they could be in for a mega winning payout.

We have long seen players sitting down to play slot machines on their own, however this next generation of totally interactive community based slot machines no longer makes playing slot machine in a land based casino a lonely thing to do, so do have a good look around the casino floor in the casino you are visiting for the way ahead and the way to have some of the most enjoyable slot machines to play is to locate and stick to playing the community based slot machines.

Also do have a good look around our website for we have listed and reviewed several other community based slot machines which can be found on casino floors across the world and there are no shortages of brand new community slot machines being designed so you are not going to have to spend all day locating venues that have them available.

Even if you play these slots for low stakes thanks to the way they have been designed you will always be able to benefit from their bonus game features when they trigger, so you do not have to be a high roller to join in the fun and games.

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