Boom Brothers Slot Machine Review

boom-brothers-slotBoom Brothers is the second video slot in the Platinum series from Net Entertainment. If you like wacky animations and non-stop excitement, this is the slot for you. With endless animations that will keep you wanting more and bonus features that allow interactive game play, Boom Brothers is sure to win you over.

The game is set in a coal mine with three bomb throwing, jet pack wearing dwarves. The bonus features include; free spins, bonus multiplier, a Rail Track mode and a 2nd chance feature that gives you even more chances to win.


Boom Brothers is a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slots. You can play up to 5 coins per line with a maximum bet of $1.00 per level. The maximum bet playing all 20 lines and 5 levels of coins would be, $100 per spin. You can win up to 112,500 coins in any spin for a massive pay out.

Bonus Features

The bonus rounds are fun and rewarding at the same time. Each has a unique style and reward when activated.

Second Chance

The second chance feature is a random occurrence that gives you another chance at a winning spin. A dwarf will appear on screen and plant his bombs on up to 4 reels. Once the bombs explode, those reels will re-spin for a free, second chance at making a winning combination.

Other bonuses include the Rail Track feature, Free Spins and an interactive bonus game.


The more common symbols are various coal mining tools. A miner’s hat, bucket, duel axes and a lantern are all lower paying symbols. To achieve a winning combination, 3 or more symbols from left to right must appear in a row.

Other symbols include: a white dwarf, a green robotic dwarf, a red robotic dwarf and a white robotic dwarf. These must also appear 3 in a row from left to right in sequence for a winning combination to be made.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol has a bomb and the word: “Wild” on it. This symbol substitutes all other symbols except the Rail Track and free spin symbols. Two or more wilds also award extra coins.

  • 2 wilds: 5 extra coins
  • 3 wilds: 200 extra coins
  • 4 wilds: 2,000 extra coins
  • 5 wilds: 7,500 extra coins

Free Spin Symbol

The free symbol will simply say: “Free Spins”. Three or more of these symbols will trigger the free spin bonus round where all wins are multiplied by 3.

Rail Track Symbol

The Rail Track symbol is the most rewarding. Three of these symbols on the reels pay a 2x multiplier on a winning spin. Four Rail Track symbols pay out 3x on a winning spin. And, 5 Rail Track symbols will pay a 4x multiplier and activate a bonus game.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is where you get to somewhat, choose your destiny. All three dwarves will be lined up to the left of the screen in their go kart looking machines. At the bottom you will have 3 chests to choose from. Inside the chests are 3 types of gems that correspond with each dwarf.

Depending on which gem you open, that dwarf will move ahead a few spaces of his track. The first dwarf to reach the end of the track will determine how much you win.

The bottom dwarf can pay anywhere between 50-800 coins. The middle dwarf pays between 400 and 1,200 coins. The top dwarf will award you with 500 to 1,900 coins.


The graphics are some of the best you will see in a real money video slot. The opening cut scene when you first launch the game is an indication of what’s to come.

During the actual game play, you will have all types of random animations that can be grand, or so subtle that you may not notice. That’s what makes this game so great. Two hours into the game, you may notice something new which keeps the replay value of this slot extremely high.

Winning spins are met with random celebrations that can be anything from a dwarf popping out of a symbol, or just a simple: “Woo Hoo!


All controls are perfectly laid out at the bottom of the game in bright green buttons that are large and easy to use. You have controls to change coin value, level of coins and number of pay lines to play on each spin. You also have a max bet button to bet the maximum coins, pay lines and level for a spin.

The auto play function lets users play up to 2,000 games in a row without touching a thing. You can also fine tune the auto play to stop when a win is produced, a set number of coins are won or a bonus round is triggered for complete customization.

Other standard functions include, toggle sound, full screen and options to turn the animations off.

To sum up Boom Brothers, it’s a must play for any level of slot player. It’s by far one of the more entertaining and user friendly games you find online. The interactive games will break up the monotony that is watching reels spin over and over.

April 11, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.