Bull Elephant Slot Machine Review

bull-elephant-slotThere are always going to be lots of new slot machines released by each of the major land based and online slot machine designers throughout the year and when you are looking to play some of the most advanced slot games, you should be actively seeking out the new games which have been launched by companies such as WMS Gaming, for they always design their slots to be appealing to slot players and slots that come packed with lots of different features.

One slot game that has now gone live is the Bull Elephant slot game and this is a quite rare slot due to the design if it. When playing this slot you will notice that instead of the standard five video reels there are in fact six video reels and there are also four in view visible reel symbols on each of those six reels.

When you play this slot you will have 80 paylines on offer and a range of coin value settings are also available to you. However, what makes it a fun and very exciting slot game to play it that you could trigger a set of free spins by spinning in a set of scatter symbols.

Whilst many slot games offer free spins as their respective bonus feature game what makes the Bull Elephant slot a machine you could take an instant shine to is that when the free spins round is triggered two of the six reels will be guaranteed to be spin in with a set of wild symbols covering all four of the visible reel positions on those reels.

Design and Theme

There are a total of 80 pay lines available on this slot game so it is true to say that when you are playing it you could spinning multiple winning combinations off a single base game spin. To help you easily spot when a winning combination has been spun in a small grid like formation will be displayed at the top of the screen highlighting any and all winning combinations that do spin in.

As the Bull Elephant is an African themed slot games then you are going to find several African themed reel symbols in play on its six video reels, however you will also spot several playing card themed reel symbols and those playing card symbols award the lower value winning payouts as listed on the slot games pay table.

You are of course free to take a look through the pay table of this slot game to see just how high paying  it can be and to do that simply click on the pay table button and all will then be revealed to you.


You will notice a set of Elephant reel symbols that can be spun in, now those reel symbols are this slot games bonus game awarding scatter symbols and it will only take three of them spinning in for you to get to play off a set of free spins.

This slot game also comes with its own set of wild symbols, and to give you something of an increased chance of those reel symbols forming plenty of additional winning combinations you will find the wild symbols are stacked so they can spin in and cover one or more reels entirely in wild symbols.

This slot has been designed as a multi stake slot but depending on where you play it you will find a range of different coin value settings on offer. You can play up to 200 coins per base game spin and a minimum of just 40 coins are needed to be put into play to play all of this slot games 80 paylines.

What we think you are going to enjoy about the Bull Elephant slot games free spins round is that when it has been triggered and awarded to you then on every free spin you play off two of the reels are going to be guaranteed to be covered in wild symbols.

That does of course mean when playing 80 pay lines depending on just which reels do have those stacked wild symbols spinning in on you could pick up some very large winning payouts, more so if during that spin even more wild symbols are spun in.

As the free spins are playing off should in any one of those free spins you manage to get three additional scatter symbols spinning in on any of the four reels that do not have wild symbols covering them then you will instantly be awarded with an extra set of free spins, much like the initial set of free spins those additional ones will all have two full sets of stacked wild symbols spinning in on them on every additional free spins played off.

When the free spins round is initially awarded to you then you will be awarded with 10 free spins and if you mange to re-trigger the free spins round then you will be given an additional set of free spins. It is worth noting that the free spins can of course re-trigger multiple times and as such when they do you have a very good chance of winning some very significant amounts of cash.

This slot also does of course come with its own auto play settings, and if you are the type of player who refers to sit back and watch as each spin is being played off for you automatically without you having to tap on the spin button to send the six video reels spinning then do make sure you make full use of that auto play feature as it will allow you to sit back and watch the reels spinning and stopping all on their own.

Give the Bull Elephant slot machine some play time soon, for we are more than confident that when you experience of yourself the way that it plays and pays you will want to give it as much play time as you can when you see it on offer at the casino you are playing at.

March 18, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.