Classic Slots with Bonus Games

chiefs-fortune-slotBuried quite deep in the slot games menu of Microgaming powered sites you will find a range of Classic, three reel slots, however some of these slot games are worth a closer look for unlike others in this category they do not simply offer a basic single line playing structure, several of them can and do award you with a bonus game.

You are not going to find many software platforms on which classic slots can be found offering any type of bonus game, so when that time comes around when you are looking for a change of slot game to play we invite you to give any of the following slots a try for they may just turn out to be worth you playing, more so when their respective bonus rounds trigger and award you will a hefty winning payout.

Microgaming’s Bonus Game Awarding Classic Slots

All of the following listed Classic slot game offer some form of bonus game feature, however be aware you have to play each game in a certain way to have any chance of being awarded the bonus game attached to that slot. For a deeper insight into what any of the following slot games offer via their bonus games please click on the slot name and all will be revealed to you.

Chief’s Fortune Slot

This is one of Microgaming’s single line, three reel slots which offers a unique type of bonus game feature, but be warned 3 coins need to be wagered on its single payline to trigger the bonus game and that will require a 3.00 wager to be placed on this slot for the coin values are all fixed at 1.00.

Sizzling Scorpions

You will find that many of the bonus games which are going to be awarded to you when playing most of these bonus game awarding Classic slots are quite similar if not identical, however when you fancy playing something completely different and a slot offering a unique bonus game the Sizzling Scorpions slot is going to offer you just that.

This slot is a low stake slot for its coin values are fixed at 0.50 however three coins do need to be wagered to be awarded with the racing game triggered when a special bonus symbols spins in.

Bullseye Slot

Dart players in particular may get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of playing Microgaming’s single line Bullseye slot game for not only is a 5000 coin jackpot up for grabs when playing 3 x 1.00 coins on the payline per spin but a bonus game can also be triggered when the special Dart Player reel symbols drops in on the end reel.

Diamond Deal Slot

The way the bonus game on the Classic slot that goes by the name of the Diamond Deal slot is triggered is unique for by staking 3 x 1.00 coins on that payline on each spin, as you spin in the Ring Box symbols as soon as you have accumulated four of them during one or more sessions then a pick to win type of game will be triggered, which can by the way award some large winning payouts.

Free Spirit Slot

Should you like playing Classic slots which can and do award a wheel spinning type of bonus game feature, but do not fancy playing for stakes of 3.00 then head on over to a Microgaming powered site and give their Free Spirit slot game some play time. For when playing this slot for 2.00 per spin if the Spin symbol appears on the payline on reel three then you will indeed get to spin its bonus wheel.

Lucky Charmer Slot

Another Classic slot offering a bonus game which entails you picking off one of the locations displayed on its bonus games screen is going to be awarded as you play the Lucky Charmer slot game, however, you do have to play 3.00 stake spins and then see a King Cobra symbols land on the third reel to trigger the bonus game, but that does happen more regularly than you may think.

Spectacular Slot

This Classic slot is much like the Free Spirit slot game named above, for when playing for stake levels of a more modest 2.00 per spin you could trigger a wheel spinning type of bonus game feature, or if all goes to plan and you spin in all three of the Spectacular Logo symbols a 5000 coin jackpot will be awarded to you. Be aware however if you choose to play just one coin per spin you cannot trigger the bonus game and the jackpot is a much smaller 2000 coins.

Wheel of Wealth Slot

One of the very first slot games Microgaming launched with a wheel spinning bonus game was their Wheel of Wealth slot, this game has been tweaked and enhanced over the year and recently Microgaming launched a video slot version of this game due to its popularity.

However, as is usually the case the original slot in the series is much more fun to play and if you do wish to give this single line slot some play time always activate three of the 1.00 coins per spin for that is the key along with spinning in the Spin symbol to you being awarded the bonus game.

Tips for Playing Bonus Game Awarding Classic Slots

The only really valuable playing tips we can give you for playing any type of 3 reel Classic slot which can award a bonus game is for you to ensure you play the maximum number of coins to benefit from any enhanced jackpot payout, and as the only way to trigger the bonus games is by playing maximum bet spins then always put them into play.

Also make sure you stick to playing only those Classic slots which boast the very highest RTP’s for by playing only the slots with the highest payout percentages you are going to get more winning combinations spinning in.

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