Colossal Jackpots Slot Machine Review

colossal-jackpots-slotTwo brand new slot machines are going to shortly be coming to many land based casino sites and these two slots make up the Colossal Jackpots series of slot which amongst many of their unique playing features include the popular Colossal Reels playing structure.

These two new slots are the Lunaris slot and the Open Kimono slot machine both of which can and will award some mind boggling jackpot payouts for they boast progressive jackpots, stacked reel symbols and come with the very high payout percentages that all savvy slot players are looking for.

Have a good look through the following overview of these two brand new slot machines from WMS for we do think that they are going to quickly establish themselves as some of the most played land based slots once players master the unique structures and bonus game features that both of them have on offer.

Lunaris Slot Machine Overview

WMS Gaming’s Lunaris slot is a mythical themed slot and players are able to play a 25 payline playing structure on the first set of reels along with a much larger set of reels on which you will be playing an additional 75 paylines.

As you are playing this slot you will often spin in a set of Mystery symbols and when this happens a large number of those symbols will be transferred from reel set one over to the Colossal Reels which can award multiple winning combinations.

Open Kimono Slot Machine Overview

The name of this WMS slot machine does give you something of an indication of the theme for the slot and that is of course an Asia theme slot game. You will find the Colossal Reels playing structure in place on this slot along with the Mystery symbols which can help you increase your winning chances.

As set of free spins can be awarded on both this Open Kimono slot game and the aforementioned Lunaris slot machine and thanks to the high frequency hit rate of the free spins round you will always have plenty of winning opportunities when playing either of these two brand new slot games.

Colossal Reels Playing Structure

When you first come across the rather bizarre looking Colossal Reels in play on any of the WMS slot machines which boast such a playing structure, it can often confuse a novice slot player however they really are very easy to understand slots.

There are two sets of reels in play on each of the slot machines boasting this playing structure and one the left hand side of each slot screen you will see a standard set of 5 video reels on which 25 paylines are spread over those five reels, however on the right hand side of the slot games screen is a much longer strip of 5 video reels and over those reels are a total of 75 paylines.

You will be playing both sets of reels per spin you play on either the Open Kimono slot or the Lunaris slot machine and as reel symbols can be added to the second reel strip from the first set via the Mystery Symbols Feature explained below you can often find you are awarded some rather large winning combinations when this base game bonus feature kicks in.

Mystery Symbols Feature

You will find in play on the Lunaris slot a special Butterfly symbol and whenever this spins in on the first set of reels it will have attached to it a number in the bottom right hand side of that reel symbol, and this is the number of Butterfly symbols that are going to be placed onto the second set of Colossal Reels once the first set of reels have come to a rest.

When playing the Open Kimono slot game the Wild Geisha Girl symbol which is Stacked on the middle three reels is the key to triggering this Mystery Symbols Feature, and whenever those symbols spin into view of the first set of reels once those reels come to a stop additional Wild symbols will then be added to the Colossal set of reels dependent on how many Geisha Girl reel symbols you spun in.

Free Spins Bonus Games

A set of free spins can also be awarded when you are playing the Colossal Jackpot slot machines and it is worth noting that once the free spins are awarded which is done by spinning into view the required number of scatter symbols, then an enhanced set of bonus reel strips coming into play, which can help increase you winning chances s the bonus game rounds are playing out.

When the bonus free spins round is awarded you will be playing both the 25 paylines on the first set of video reels and also the additional paylines on the second set of Colossal Reels, so hopefully if you do decide to play either of these two brand new slots you will get the free spins bonus games triggered and if so let’s hope everything falls into place and you pick up some of the better winning payouts that these two slots are famed for awarding.

Colossal Jackpots Feature

Finally let us now take a look at the actual jackpots which you could win when playing the Open Kimono or Lunaris slot machines. These two machines are both progressive jackpot slots and attached to them both are three different sized Colossal Jackpots.

Just above each slot you will see the three different jackpot meters which keep on ticking upwards in value as players play any of the slots attached to those jackpot meters. A small percentage of your stake money is going to be fed into those jackpot pools which can be won by spinning in the respective reel symbols attached to any one of the three jackpots.

It should be also noted that the smaller valued progressive jackpot is awarded quite often and as such its value is never going to rise as high as the first and second jackpots.

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