Deal or No Deal Slot Series Review

dond-slotYou are going to find several slot machines from Gtech Spielo that have been built around the television game show Deal or No Deal and below is an overview of each of these slots. The one aspect they are share is that you will, in one way or another, be opening a series of boxes during any playing session in the hope that you can, just like the game show contestants, choose when the best time to accept an offer from the Banker is.

All of the Deal or No Deal themed slots have been licensed from the original television production company who produce the show which is shown across the world, and it is worth pointing out that in different countries you are going to find the actual television presenter of the show on the slot screen and some of the Deal or No Deal slots even have sound effects which use the presenters actual voice.

The sound effects and character symbols really will give you an enjoyable slot playing session and you may find yourself under the impression you are on the television show when playing these very immersive slots.

Where to play the Deal or No Deal Slots

There are many different online versions of the Deal or No Deal slot machines available and as such if you fancy playing these types of slot machines online then you are going to find quite a number of differently structured games, which are just as exciting to play as those found in land based casinos, and they are available to players from all countries of the World.

One online casino that caters for many players from all over the World and as such is a perfect site for US based slot machine players to be able to play a wide and very diverse range of slot machines is the Casino Titan site.

You are not only going to be able to deposit and play using US Dollars but they also have some of the largest slot player bonuses always on offer so whether you are a new player or a player who already has an account with this leading online casino site you are always going to be getting lots of playing value and lots of bang for your Buck.

Deal or No Deal in it to Win It Slot

The In it to Win it slot is one of the slots in the series that is based on the Deal or no Deal franchise. On this slot, you’ll find a whole host of features including free spins, wild symbols, an All Ways super play option, and of course, the picking game. One of the best things about this Deal slot is that there are loads of extra features including random cash awards and a vault bonus.

If you’re a fan of Deal or No Deal, then we are sure that you’ll simply love the In It to Win It slot machine. You really should consider playing the All Ways playing structure for by doing so you are never going to miss any winning combinations and as long as you have a winning combination in view from reel on onwards then you are guaranteed, when playing the All Ways structure, to have that winning combination covered by one of the paylines.

This particular Deal or No Deal slot is a high hit frequency bonus game slot and as such you can often find yourself trigger the bonus game much more often when playing this slot than the other slots in the series, and if you do then make sure you choose wisely when picking off the brief cases from the bonus screen, and if you get a high offer from the Banker then do make sure you considering taking it for anything could happen on the next round of the game if you don’t.

Deal or No Deal the Big Deal Slot

This Deal slot is more like a fruit machine as opposed to a video slot, however, we can guarantee you that it packs one hell of a punch! There are 3 reels in play, however when placing a maximum bet you’ll activate the fourth reel.

There is a single feature available, and that is the Briefcase bonus which is a simple picking game which will see you playing the Deal or no Deal game. Simply open your cases and you’ll be offered credits which you can accept, or decline in hope of a bigger prize. The jackpot does vary depending on your stake, however, even on a minimum stake, it is huge.

We do think this slot is worth some play time if you are playing on a more modest sized bankroll, for with there being just three reels you will get plenty of spins for your money, however if you can afford to put into play the fourth reel by playing for slightly higher stakes then the winnings will be there for the taking so do consider upping your stakes if you can comfortably afford to do so.

Deal or No Deal Join n Play Slot

This community type of progressive slot is hugely popular with those seeking a progressive slot machine with a twist. The base game offers 243 ways to win, and there are also plenty of individual features. The best part of the game is however the Deal or No Deal slot features. This feature is designed in a way that allows all players at the terminal to play at the same time, meaning if one person wins, you all win.

It is certainly a perfect type of bonus slot machine for anyone to play which is going to give you lots of enjoyment and thanks to enhanced sound effects and the large video screen you really will find yourself getting immersed into the slot.

As this slot machine is a community based slot then you will find several of them all linked together and as such should you be in a land based casino that offers this slot machine and your other half has a tendency to wander off then you are going to be able to sit side by side and play your own separate slot machine but have the chance of both winning the bonus game at the same time.

This is an ideal playing format and structure for how many times have you been in a land based casino with a relative, or wife or husband or your friend and one of you wins something substantial and the other never does? Well by playing this Deal or No Deal slot you can both have a winning session at the same time which is certainly going to ensure you both leave the casino with smiles on your faces as opposed to one of you winning and one of you losing.


All of the Deal slots are hugely playable, however, the ones mentioned above are the cream of the crop, and should you be in a land based casino offering any of these games, we recommend that you jump on one and give it some serious playtime.

Out of all of the land based slot games boasting the Deal or No Deal theme we do like the way the Big Bang version plays and pays, for as you are only playing three reels per spin then you will find it is a much more cost effective slot to play and it is much more easier to keep track of your activated paylines than when playing one of the slots in the series with dozens of paylines on offer.

Much like the television show you never really know how much you are going to win when the bonus game feature round is awarded to you and as such you can experience some Deal or No Deal bonus games where you win low valued payouts, however with a bit of luck and your skill in knowing when the best time to take the Bankers offer then you can often get awarded some of the larger winning payouts from the Deal or no Deal bonus game.

Make sure if you can that you take a look at the Deal or No Deal slot machines on offer at our listed online casino sites above, for if you have played any of the above name land based slots you will be able to compare them to the online versions by giving them some play time online at no risk via the free play options.

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