Dolly Parton Slot Machine

The Dolly Parton slot machine is a new IGT slot found in most casinos. This game is full of unique bonuses and features to keep you playing. Along with offering fun bonus rounds and decent payouts this slot machine also plays some of Dolly’s best songs while your playing.

I really have grown to like this 5 reel 30 lines slot machine in which your able to play with multiple denominations. To bet on the full video screen you need to bet at a minimum 50 cents if your playing at penny levels. If you have not yet played this you should really give it a go. The video illustrations are bright and vibrant. The time IGT spent on the animations is really impressive and continue to show why they are one of the top slot providers in the gambling industry.

I’m not sure if this has any plans on offering a high progressive payout but for now that is not an option. Now to the fun parts of this slot machine which is loaded with unique bonus games and spin features.

Dolly Parton Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

The bonus boost slot is activated easier then most slot machines. To get in this bonus all you need to do is spin one bonus symbol and its activated. Play That Video Bonus is really neat where Dolly plays a video over the reels and while this is happening the machine pays out credits. Wild Boost Bonus round is one of my favorites where if you get a wild symbol the entire real will go wild now keep in mind if you get several your looking at a very nice bonus round payout! Another decent bonus round is the awards pick bonus. The idea of this bonus round is pretty simple, once you simply select one of the icons you will receive the credit listed underneath it.

Although the slot machine is relatively new the game itself continues to show why so many people already like playing it. Not only is it nice to win money in the casino it’s also nice to enjoy the game your playing. When you find a slot game like Dolly Parton and all the perks it offers to us its a no brainier to play this slot and will continue to provide information on this game online.


I have noticed a growing trend of winners coming from playing Dolly Parton so no matter what the percentage payout is is based on your local casinos you should have some odds in your favor. I usually always get in some sort of bonus round while playing this slot.

January 5, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.