Dracula Online Slot Review

dracula-slotWe always like presenting our website visitors to each of the latest slot games which can be accessed and played in both land based casinos and online casino sites. Should you be a fan of playing slot games which are available as no download required slots, meaning they can be played instantly via any web browser then one range of games which will suit you perfectly are those designed by a company called NetEnt.

NetEnt have been designing some of the most playable and high paying online slot games for a very large number of years now, and what makes their games stand out from the very crowded online and mobile gaming environment is they all offer something completely different via their staking options, playing structures, pay tables and base and bonus games.

One slot game which has just been launched by NetEnt which we are convinced is going to quickly establish itself as one of their most highly playable and most popular slots is the brand new Dracula slot, keep on reading to discover just what is unique about this game and why we think it is going to be worth playing.

Design and Theme

You are probably not going to need to be told what the theme of the newly launched Dracula slot game is all about, as the name does give you the answer! However, there are several aspects to playing this slot game that you do need to be aware of and one of those things is the way the slot has been structured in regards to the paylines and staking options.

As this slot does not offer any type of progressive jackpots then you will find if you wish to give it any amount of play time for free or for real money both playing environments will be on offer at any online casino site offering the NetEnt range of online slot games.

You will find this slot has a fixed payline playing structure and as such even though you will have no problems picking a coin value at which to play it for and will also be freely able to increase the number of coins per payline you activate, you are never going to be able to adjust the number of paylines as all 20 of them will be in play per spin.

You will find the slot comes with a range of options settings which will allow you to tailor each slot playing session to your own unique requirements and as such you can increase the speed at which the reel spins and stop, make the screen larger or smaller and you will also have a range of sound option settings, however we would always advise players to play the Dracula slot in the full screen size mode and also have the audio and volume settings switched on, as that will increase the enjoyment and playability of this slot.

Basic Features

This slot game as a 20 payline playing structure as you have just found out, however there are two main types of bonus and base game features that can be triggered and awarded to you when you play this slot for any amount of time at any NetEnt software powered online casino site.

There are three wild symbols which are in play on the base game, and those wild symbols can and will only spin in on the middle three reels those being reels two, three and four. However, if as you play off any one single base game spin, you spin on reel number two the stacked Dracula reel symbols and in the very same base game spin on reel number four the stacked Lady reel symbol spins in then you will instantly be rewarded with a set of free spins. The free spins will play off on the same stakes as the base game spin those stacked wild symbols spun in on.

Not only can you win for yourself a set of free spins when playing the brand new Dracula slot from NetEnt but you could trigger a random feature which is known as the Bat Feature. As you play off a base game spin a number of bats will fly across the screen in a cluster like formation and they will then drop down and attached themselves to several of the in view and visible reel positions.

Once they have all landed on a cluster of reel symbols all of those reel symbols will then magically be transformed into one randomly selected reel symbol. As you are playing 20 paylines per spin you will of course be hoping you get as many of those bats landing on each reel as you can and you will also ideally be hoping that when they transform into one of the reel symbols the one they transform into is the higher paying ones as listed on this slot games pay table as that should see you picking up some very large winning payouts.

Our Thoughts

We love the Bat Feature which is attached to this slot game, for as it is randomly awarded you will not have to wait what could turn out to be ages for any type of scatter or bonus symbols to spin in to aware that feature, plus what makes it exciting when it is randomly awarded is you will never know how many reel positions are going to be turned into the same match symbol nor will you know what that symbol is until it has played out.

As all paylines are being played per spin on the Dracula slot from NetEnt it is possible to pick up some large winning payouts thanks to the Bat Feature plus with wild symbols awarding free spins you could pick up a sizeable base game winning payout and then go on to boost that payout quite significantly as soon as that free spins bonus games has been played off, so we can highly recommend this slot to all players.

February 16, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.