Eagle Rapids Slot Machine Review

Eagle-Rapids-SlotThere is no getting away from the fact that any slot machine that has attached to it some form of wheel spinning bonus game is going to give you something of a very exciting type of slot playing session. This is something that WMS Gaming does of course know and is probably the reason they have designed and now launched the must play slot game that goes by the name of the Eagle Rapids slot machine.

Should you be looking around any land based casino gaming floor and are in search of a slot machine that is going to give you one of the most exciting type of bonus wheel spinning bonus feature rounds then try and track down this brand new slot! For once you spin in is scatter symbols and trigger its bonus game you are going to be in for one of the most exciting and potentially highest paying bonus games on offer on any land based slot machine.

Design and Theme

The Eagle Rapids slot game comes with a 40 payline playing structure, and that does of course mean you are going to have in play more than enough pay lines to see plenty of winning combinations forming when all of them have been sent into live play.

This is a multi denomination slot and with the coin values being set at just 0.01 that means a 40 payline spin is only going to cost you a minimum bet stake of just 0.40. However, WMS Gaming do know that many players like to increase the stakes at which they play slot games for, and as such you are able to play from one to five coins per payline, and when playing maximum bet spins that will of course result in you playing each spin for a stake of 2.00.

The actual theme of this slot game is one of a wilderness in the night time, which may seem a slightly rather bizarre theme but this theme is reflected in the unique back drop of the slot, and several of the reel symbols do befit this theme perfectly.

However, you will also find plenty of Playing Card related reel symbols in play on its five video reels, and those symbols will form plenty of winning combinations as they are the lower paying reel symbols, so spinning them in repeatedly and forming lots of winning combinations should ensure you get an extended slot spinning session.

Basic Features

The main bonus game which you will want to trigger when playing this slot is awarded to you when you spin in the required number of scatter symbols anywhere in view during any one single base game spin.

Once the bonus game has been awarded to you then you are faced with a large bonus wheel. On that wheel is a range of different segments and each segment has a number printed upon it. You simply need to send the wheel spinning and whichever number spins in on the bottom position on the wheel as highlighted by the Win Zone area is the number of free spins you will then get to play off instantly.

However, what makes this slot highly playable and very exciting is when those free spins are playing off. For located right at the top of the bonus game screen as your free spins are playing off is another wheel, and that wheel is the multiplier value wheel.

As each free spin plays off that wheel will spin and whatever number spins in will be the multiplier value used to increase the value of any of the spun in winning combinations. Those combinations can be boosted by as much as ten times their payout values, and as such some mega winning payouts can be awarded to you during that free spins bonus game.

If at any time when you are playing off your free spins, just two of the scatter symbols make an appearance, anywhere on the slot games screen then you will be awarded with an additional set of free spins, which also play off with the bonus multiplier wheel in play.

Our Thoughts

There is a very good chance of you winning big when you are playing this particular slot game, and it is no surprise that some of the largest valued winning payouts are going to be achieved via the bonus game. Just be aware that there is never going to be any way of knowing just how often you are going to trigger the bonus game when playing this slot machine, and as such never try chasing it.

You will find when the bonus game triggers you may spin in a low number of free spins via its bonus game and the payouts you will spin in may only get their values boosted by a small multiplier value spinning in via the second bonus wheel.

With this in mind we would suggest playing this slot regularly and playing it with an open mind as you are going to get a mix of fairly low valued bonus games triggering, but every now and then, when you are probably least expecting them, some very large winning payouts could be awarded to you.

January 9, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.