Elton John Slot Machine Review

Elton-John-SlotHe is certainly no stranger to Las Vegas, in fact Elton John has been packing the audiences in for years now and having quickly become part of the fixtures and fittings in Las Vegas it was only going to be a matter of time before he found himself being used as the main theme of a slot machine, much like his fellow Las Vegas crooner Elvis.

The company who have the brainwave of making its very own Elton John themed slot game was WMS Gaming, and knowing that company like we do we expect the Elton John slot to be one of several that will be themed around this musical legend and in the coming months or years we expect there to be numerous slots offering his songs and him as part of the design of those slots.

Design and Theme

There is one thing we can guarantee when you wander around any land based casino that has one or more of these new Elton John slot games located on their gaming floors, and that is you will never miss them! They are huge slot machines which come with the patented Sensory Immersion Chairs which total envelop you and when playing them you will be looking through a special oversized pair of Elton John’s unique glasses.

This slot is a 40 payline slot game and you will of course have different coin and stake option settings depending on just which jurisdiction the casino you come across it in is based. You will also have full control of just how many coins per payline you can activate and put into live play with the maximum coins per line being five, which does mean when playing all 40 paylines you will be max betting for stakes of 200 coins per spin.


To trigger the bonus games on this Elton John slot game you have to spin in a scatter symbol in view anywhere on reel one and also on reel three, and the third scatter symbol to trigger the feature is going to spin in on reel number five.

However, be aware that as the scatter symbol is spinning on reel five the actual symbols itself will also spin and as it spins it reveals one of several different bonus features, and should the fifth reel scatter symbol spin in and stop in view then whichever bonus feature is displayed when that symbol stops spinning and lands will be the one you are awarded with, and below is an overview of each of the feature you can be awarded with when playing this Elton John slot machine.

Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting Bonus – This bonus games is a special bonus wheel spinning type game on which a bonus wheel will spin to reveal just what is going to happen on your awarded free spin or free spins. Additional Wild symbols can be added to the in view reel symbols or a huge multiplier value may be spun in and awarded to you on the bonus wheel and then on the next free spin you play off, or you could simply be awarded a huge amount of coins via the bonus wheel.

I’m Still Standing Bonus – As soon as this bonus feature is triggered you will find a bonus game screen launches and upon it will be a large circled area of the screen, in the left hand circle you will find a small wheel type structure and that wheel is divided up into different segments each containing a number, once the wheel is spun you will then reveal just how many free spins you have been awarded as the number facing the win arrow will be used to determine your free spins.

As the free spins play out a set of stacked Blank Symbols will be in play, and once all five reels come to a stop the Blank Symbols will all be filled with matching highlighted symbols, and as such depending on how many of those Blanks spin in and the symbols that they turn into some large winning payouts could be coming your way.

Rocket Man Bonus – When the Rocket Man bonus game is triggered a wheel will spin and let you know what reel symbols will become wild ones on the next spin you play off, it is possible that every single reel symbol will be tuned into wild symbols via this unique and exclusive bonus game and when that happens and you are playing maximum bet spins you will then be in line for a massive winning payout once all of the in view reel symbols turn into wild symbols.

Play the Elton John Slot for Free or for Real Money

You will have to wait for some considerable time before you are going to be able to play the Elton John slot machine online, for it has just been launched as a land based slot machine and it is going to have to become established in those land based casinos before we see WMS Gaming opting to release it as an online slot.

However, having said that we have seen over the years many land based Elvis themed slot machines being made available as free play and real money slots online and as such with the passage of time you will eventually find you can give this slot some play time online, hopefully.


Now we do know that not everyone enjoys listening to the songs Elton John has released over the many decades he has been around, however there is a lot more to this slot machine as you have just found out other than his songs playing out in the background as you play the slot.

Much like the huge number of Elvis themed slots that have been designed and released over the years you will enjoy playing this slot no matter whether you are  a fan of Elton John or not, and being a WMS Gaming slot game you will always have the chance of winning big with a little bit of luck on your side when playing this slot and with the high payout percentages their range of slots always have on offer you will not find this slot is going to eat up your bankroll as quickly as some other slot machines can do.

October 29, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.