Fast Hit Series of Slot Machines

fast-hit-slotsYou are going to come across banks of what are known as Fast Hit slot machines when walking around the gaming floors of many land based casino sites and these slot machines are designed and developed by IGT and have been designed to be played as community slots. They come with several progressive jackpots which are awarded far quicker than most other slots offering such a progressive jackpot.

There are many different themed slot machines that make up the Fast Hit Series of slots but they all share the same concept and that is when playing them you are going to have a much greater and increased chance of hitting and being awarded the progressive jackpots than when playing any other land based slot machine.

Below you will find an overview of the way these slots play and pay and we do think that if you are in a land based casino with a friend or a family member and you fancy playing a slot alongside that other person then these slots are ideal thanks to the community design of the slots. Keep on reading to find out more about these great looking and great playing IGT slot machines.

Where to play the Fast Hit Slots

There are no Fast Hit slot games available to play online, however you will find that many online casinos will have their own unique range of slot machines many of which award their respective bonus game features and progressive jackpots much more regularly than some of their other slot machines and it is often a case of trying different online casinos out and playing their range of slots to find the ones which appeal to you personally.

If you are based in the US and prefer playing classical slots or high action video slots then do take a look at our second top rated online casino site that being Casino Titan for they have plenty of slot machines of every category on offer and can and do cater perfectly for American online slot players.

Whichever online casino from the two above you decide to play at you are going to be able to increase your slot playing budget by taking them up on their respective new player sign up bonus, the details of which along with the full set of terms and conditions for using their sign up bonuses can be found on their websites, you really will be amazed at just how much free cash you can claim as a new online slot player at both of these casinos.

How the Fast Hit Progressive Slots Work and Play

As mentioned above the Fast Hit slot machines are community based slot and as such you will also be able to give them some play time alongside other players, they come with five different sized progressive jackpots some of which offer very large amounts of cash, but the only way to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot is to play these Fast Hit slots with the maximum bet wager in play, so make sure if you do give them any amount of play time then that you put into play the maximum wager permitted or you will not have any chance of being a progressive jackpot winner.

The way the progressive jackpots are awarded to any of the players playing the Fast Hits slot is by them playing maximum bet spins and then lining up four reel symbols that share the same colour.

The smaller sized jackpots attached to these slots are the ones that are going to be awarded at a high hit rate and as such they do not tend to grow to very large amounts, but as they are awarded very regularly then you can expect to win at the very least one of them when playing this slot for any amount of time if of course Lady Luck is on your side.

The top three sized progressive jackpots are going to be automatically yet randomly selected as the community jackpot which any player can win but if one of your fellow players is also playing the slot in the maximum bet playing mode then that person can and will receive the progressive jackpot when it is won which is the same value as the community jackpot, more than two players also qualify for the community jackpot when another player wins it will share the progressive jackpot.

You will not have to play the Fast Hit slot machines for maximum bet spins to trigger the bonus game features however as any stake amount wagered can see you being awarded wither the free spins bonus game feature round or the additional Mystery 7 jackpot bonus.

These slot games really are worth playing for that community jackpot is there for the taking and by playing maximum bet spins alongside your fellow players should any of them win that large sized community jackpot then as long as you are involved in the game when that jackpot is won you will qualify for either a jackpot of the same size or you and any additional players qualifying are also going to share a jackpot of the same value as the initial winner of the community jackpot.


In regards to the design and the way the Fast Hits series of slot machines play and pay we really cannot fault them, for thanks to the way the community aspects of these slots works you really are not going to be able to help yourself when playing them in regard to having a chat to your fellow players.

It has to be said that when playing slot machines in a land based casino many players have always kept themselves to themselves whereas when they are playing table games such as Craps or Roulette or card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat players have always enjoy the light hearted banter that surrounds those casino games, and now you are going to be able to do the same when playing these Fast Hit slot games.

If you have been playing a bank of standard types of slot machine and another player wins the linked jackpot whilst you may congratulate that player you will always be feeling somewhat down hearted that it was not you that won that jackpot, however when you are playing these Fast Hits slot machines and one player does win one of the large sized progressive jackpots then you are either going to win instantly a jackpot of the same value or will share a jackpot with any additional players involved in the game at the same time.

This does of course mean that you may wish to put into place a little slot playing system when playing these Fast Hits slots for it may be worth your while only plying them alongside one fellow player, for by doing so if you win the community progressive jackpot yourself then you will of course win that jackpot in its entirety, but if your one fellow player wins it then you are not going to have to share the additional same sized jackpot with anyone else.

However, it is always worth remembering that there is no real way of knowing when one of the progressive jackpots are going to be awarded so you have just as much chance of winning one of them no matter when you sit down to play any of these Fast Hits progressive slot machines.

There is just one playing tip we can pass onto you when playing these Fast Hits slot machines and that is to try and play them on maximum bet wagers if your slot budget can afford to do so and always remember the best time to come away from the slot is when you have spun in some large paying combinations or have won a progressive jackpot or have had a bonus game feature round that has awarded you with some large amounts of cash.

It can be quite easy to get carried away when playing Fast Hits slot machines more so if you are enjoying the company of your fellow players, so always be prepared to stop playing and press the collect button when you have won a reasonable amount of cash or you may just run the very real risk of playing it all back into the machine and will then end up losing what you won, and no slot machines player will want to end up doing that.

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