Fire Queen Slot Machine Review

fire-queen-slotYou are going to find a brand new slot machine being rolled out onto casino floors and this is the Fire Queen slot which has just been released and launched by WMS, this slot has been under development for quite a while and this is due to its brand new playing structure and playing format that we guarantee you will never have seen before.

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider playing WMS slot games and when you find out just what makes this slot so very unique you will be itching to give it some play time. Keep on reading for when it comes to new and innovative slot machines you can always guarantee that WMS Gaming will be one company that always keeps churning them out.

Where to play the Fire Queen Slots

You are probably going to have to wait quite a while to be able to play the Fire Queen slot game in your local land based casino, for as this game has only just gone live, and with most land based casinos only updating and refreshing their slot machine portfolios once a year not all casinos will have it available immediately.

If you fancy playing a range of online slot machines and you live in the US then it can be quite tricky locating an online casino site that can cater for your custom and offer you hassle free banking options, a first class gaming experience and a truly impressive range of slots to play, but one site we just know is going to live up to your expectations is the  Casino Titan site, checkout their website for their current new player sign up bonus which is massive and is available to all US based slot machine players.


The Fire Queen slot game from WMS is designed in a new way, for you are going to find the reel structure is like no other slot, on the slot games screen you will find two separate reels on which you can see just two reel symbols in view, and on the right hand side of the screen next to those two reels are three sets of reel symbols which have 6 reel symbols in view on each of them.

The unique way this slot games reel strips have been designed allows for it to be one of the very highest variance slot games, and as such you do need to be warned that if you choose to play it when you find it offered in a land based casino, this slot can be something of a Hoover in regards to sucking up your bankroll, and you may experience lots of dry spins on which no winning combinations are formed.

However, being a high variance slot game totally out of the blue and when you are least expecting it you could spin in a mega sized winning payout, which is of course why any slot player would be playing any type of slot game.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The way in which this Fire Queen slot machine can and will award its free spins bonus game can confuse even the most experienced slot players at first, however as soon as you give it a fair amount of play time you should get the hang of how it plays and pays.

If you manage to match a total of  4 symbols on the first two reels then you are going to be awarded with 5 free spins, however if you match certain reel symbols on any of the other reels then additional free spins can be awarded and those symbols then hold and lock into place.

A set of 20 free spins can also be awarded when you match 4 reel symbols on the first set of reels and get a further set of three scatter symbols forming on the larger reel strips! Check the pay table of the slot for a more detailed explanation of how the free spins bonus features are awarded.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The reel symbols are the usual WMS mix of playing card symbols and unique to this slot game reel symbols and as such expect to find the usual King, Queen, Ace and Jack reel symbols along with some Eagle, Candle and character reel symbols in play on all reels.

As mentioned above this Fire Queen Slot game is a very high variance slot game and as such due to the nature of things such as the Wild symbol and the way it has been designed, some large paying winning combinations can be spun in multiple times on one single spin of its reels.


As we have explained and mentioned above if you do find one of the Fire Queen slot machine available at your local land based casino do be aware it is a very high variance slot and as such that will call for you to put into place some modest sized stake levels, for even when playing for low stake spins you will have a chance of winning big.

The reel layout and the way in which the free spins can and are awarded on this slot machine are going to be very strange to you when you first give it any amount of play time, however as there are several different ways to trigger the free spins round that does of course mean you will find those bonus game feature rounds can trigger quite often.

Just make sure that when you play this slot you try and activate all of its 100 ways to win for by doing so you will only have to pay 50 credits per spin and will be getting the maximum number of winning opportunities.

April 28, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.