Ghostbusters Slot Machine Review


Can you believe it was over 30 years ago that the original Ghostbusters film premiered? The original film made several of the actors in that film into major stars and spawned not only other films in the series but a range of comic books and cartoons were also launched which covered the daily exploits of the hapless team of ghost hunters.

With such a comical storyline behind each film that was produced it was only going to be a matter of time before one of the major slot machine designers and manufacturers secured the rights to bring out a range of Ghostbusters themed slot machines, and the one company that managed to do that was IGT, and as such you can now find a wide and varied range of slot machines themed around the Ghostbusters films.

What IGT decided to do when designing their Ghostbusters slots was to ensure the slot came with lots of reel symbols and character symbol that fans of the film would instantly recognize and this is what they have managed to achieve.

To make the slots stand out and be completely unique and not simply clones of other slot games they have attached to each Ghostbusters themed slot machine a range of base game and bonus game features that are not found on other slot machines, and as such whenever you opt to play one of the slots in the series you are guaranteed to come across all manner of features and bonus games you have never seen or played before.

Where to play the Ghostbusters Slots

There are currently no plans by IGT to launch their Ghostbusters themed slot machines online which does of course mean that the only way that you are going to be able to give them any amount of play time is by tracking them down to a local land based casino near to where you live.

However, as it is not always possible for slot machine players to make the trek to a land based casino then we would like to introduce you to a couple of very well run and operated online casino sites that have an enormous and constantly growing number of slot machines of every possible description.

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Ghostbusters Triple Slime Duo Slots

One of the best slot machines in the Ghostbusters series of slot is the Triple Slime Duo slot, and although it does have something of a strange name, unless of course you are familiar with the Ghostbusters films, there is certainly nothing strange about the way this slot game plays and pays.

The first aspect of playing this version of the Ghostbusters slot that you will have to get your head around is its playing structure and you will need to understand fully how it works for it can often cause confusion to new players.

The slot as been designed as one of IGT’s Multi Way Xtra slots and as such you can pay one set fee or an increment of that stake amount and when you do so you are going to be playing all of the possible winning combination permutations that are in view on the slot games screen, in total you will find a whopping 720 ways to win are activated and in play on every spin of its reels you choose to play, so you should see plenty of winning combinations forming.

If you are thinking that to play all of those 720 ways to win on each spin you will have to pay some large stakes, you are wrong, for it will only cost you a total of 50 credits to play all 720 ways to win, as mentioned you can increase these upwards in value and as such the maximum bet per spin you can play this lot for is a manageable 300 coins per spin.

Let us now give you some overviews of the actual bonus game features that make playing the Ghostbusters slot machines so very enjoyable and potentially very rewarding. The first bonus game which you will be hoping to trigger is called the Slimer Scatter Feature and this will be awarded to you once you have just three (or more) of the Slimer Scatter reel symbols falling into view on the slot screen at the completion of any base game spin you play.

When three or more of those specific reel symbols appear then the Scatter symbols will magically turn into mini wheel type symbols and the wheels will then start to spin and when each of them finally slows down and stops spinning a value is going to be displayed on each of those reel positions, and they will then all be added together and a cash payout will be awarded based on the total value of the three values displayed.

Another bonus game that can be triggered quite often on the Ghostbusters slots is known as the Triple Wheel Spin bonus feature round, and this is bonus game that is going to be awarded whenever the bonus symbols spin in, you can get up to seven of these symbols spinning in and the bonus game is quite unique for it is a pick to win type of bonus game on which when the bonus game screen is launched and loaded you are tasked with having to pick off and trap a number of Ghosts displayed around that bonus game screen.

For each Ghost that you manage to trap a number of different colour pointers will be added onto a bonus wheel which is in view on the bonus game screen and the aim of these pointers is to see a winning cash payout or multipliers landing opposite your pointers once that bonus wheel has been spun and comes to a stop.


It is always refreshing to come across a very unique series of slot machines and a range of slots that instead of offering the fairly now standard sets of free spins comes with their own unique set of bonus game feature rounds, and that is exactly what you will be getting access to when playing any of the slots that make up the Ghostbusters series of slot machines.

These slots are of course multi stake games however due to that unique 720 ways to win playing structure and format that we introduced you to earlier in this review, it is worth noting that with just 50 coins needed to play all of those winning combinations you should try and set the slot to play for the maximum increment of 50 coins that you can afford.

The reasons for us saying this is that due to the nature of the bonus game feature rounds that can be triggered and awarded when playing the Ghostbusters series of slots, if you are playing for larger stake amounts then you will stand a much better chance of winning the lager bonus game payouts and awards than you would when playing for the minimum 50 coins stake levels.

However, you are going to get plenty of entertainment value, excitement and winning opportunities no matter at what stake amount you play this Ghostbusters series of slots for and in regards to the playability of these slot machines we would give them 7 out of 10.

They may not have all of the bells and whistles often attached to many land based slot machines but you will always have plenty of winning opportunities when playing them, and as mentioned above if you enjoyed watching the Ghostbusters films then it is a foregone conclusion that you are going to really enjoy playing the Ghostbusters series of land based slot machines.

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