Golden City Slot Machine Review

golden-city-slotThere are more and more land based casinos opting to make available to their customers a range of slot machines that have been designed by Speilo International, and the reason why they are choosing to purchase more and more of their slot machines is that they are all highly playable and come with some of the most advanced features and are housed in very eye catching cabinets.

The number of slot machines that Speilo International have designed and launched over the years is impressive, however whilst many of their back catalogue of slot machines have proven to be some of the most played slots of all time, it is their next generation of slots that are catching the imagination of slot players.

One of the most recent slot machines that Speilo International has designed and now launched is the Golden City slot game, which we think is going to appeal to a lot of players thanks to its unique playing structure and the bonus features and bonus games which can be awarded.

Design and Theme

Much like the vast majority of the most recently launched slot machines from Speilo International you are going to find this Golden City slot machine can be housed in either the Oxygen cabinet or the great looking Slant cabinet, whichever cabinet it is housed in however the game is going to play the same way and have the same playing structure.

This slot is another of the 40 paylines slot machines offered by the company and with a large long term payout percentage which is configurable between 86 and 96 percent, and along with its multi stake options it is going to be a slot many players will enjoy playing and playing it for stakes they find appealing.

Basic Features

To give you an overview and an idea of whether you are going to find this brand new Golden City slot machine appealing to you personally, below are a range of its unique base and bonus game features, have a read through them as we know they are going to tick a lot of the right boxes in regards to what slot players look for from a land based slot machine.

Stacked Reel Symbols – Every reel symbol with the exception of the scatter symbols are stacked on all five of the reels and that does of course mean that when playing off any single spin of this Golden City slot machines five reels you could see a complete screen full of matching reel symbols spinning in and when you do you are then going to be rewarded with a large winning payout, depending of course on which symbols you spin in via a stacked formation on all five reels.

Free Spins – When you have spun into view three of the scatter symbols you will be awarded with 20 free spins, get four scatter symbols spinning in and the free spins you get to play is increased to 50 of them, all five scatter symbols spinning in one on each reel will award you with 100 free spins, these free spins all play out with x2 multipliers attached to them and you can also re-trigger them. In total you could play off up to 600 free spins during any single free spins bonus game when the free spins have re-triggered.

December 4, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.