Great Eagle Returns Slot Machine Review

Great-Eagle-Returns-SlotIf you are seeking out a 50 payline slot machine to play and you are wandering around a land based casinos gaming floor, then keep your eyes peeled for the brand new WMS Gaming Grand Eagles Returns slot machine for this game can often bang out some huge winning payouts from either its base game of its very exciting and potentially huge paying bonus game feature round.

The slot comes with lot of different stake options you can increase the number of coins you put into live playing upwards in value so you are not just restricted to play one single coin per payline per spin, however if you are a low rolling slot playing then you can of course play it for very low stake levels with the minimum coin value settings being just 0.01.

This slot game does come with a special free spins bonus feature round, however it is not your standard free spins bonus game for when playing off your awarded free spins a special set of wild symbols can spin in and those symbol could massive boost the payouts on any winning combination they have helped to form, keep on reading to find out just how huge those multiplier values can become, we think you will be amazed by just how high they are.

Design and Theme

The Great Eagle Returns slot game is a Native American themed slot game and what WMS Gaming have done when designing this slot machine is to make several of it reel symbols slightly oversized and as such you will never miss any winning combinations pinning in.

You will of course find several reels symbols that are unique to this slot game along with their usual collection of Playing Card Suite themed reels symbols, however it is a mi that works and when playing it thanks to sampled sound effects which are playing out as you spin the reels and the usual animated reel symbols you will be getting something of a fully rounded slot playing experience when you choose to play it.

This slot is something of a high variance slot game and as such whilst you can spin in winning combinations on both its base game and the bonus game, you will often find you can go for several spins on the trot without anything of significance spinning in, however every now and then you can be awarded a huge paying base game spin or you could trigger its bonus game and be awarded with some huge amounts of cash.

Basic Features

To get the ability of playing off this slot machine bonus game which is a set of free spins you first need to get the Indian Chief reel symbols spinning in on reels one, three and five, as soon as they do the slot will then load up is free spins bonus game reel symbols and you will be able to set them into play by touching the Start button displayed on the slot games screen.

The best aspect of the free spins bonus game is that you could be awarded with up to 100 free spins once triggered and there are a set of special multiplying reel symbols that can spin in during the bonus feature round and will help you complete any winning combinations.

When you get two of those wild multiplier symbols spinning in and they line up on a payline along with a matching set of other reel symbols and help complete a winning combination those winning combinations formed are going to be boosted by a whopping twenty five times their normal pay table listed inning payout.

Our Thoughts

There is no getting away from the fact that when you are playing this slot machine you are playing a high variance slot, and the best chance you are going to have of picking up and inning those huge winning payouts that this slot is famed for awarding is once you have triggered its bonus game and the free spins are playing off and those multiplier symbols start to spin in and boost your spun in winning combinations values.

With that in mind as and is always going to be the case when you are playing high variance slot machines you should always put into play sensible stake levels, for you are going to have lots of spins on this slot when nothing of any great value by way of winning combinations are spun in, and as such you will have to ride out those losing spins in the hope you can spin in and trigger the bonus games via the scatter symbols and then hope the bonus game is a high paying one.

So when playing this slot always equate each spin you play with your overall gaming bankroll in mind, and never be afraid of playing it for quite modest amounts of cash for you can often find some huge winning payouts will come your way when playing it for slightly lower stake level than you usually play slot games for.

January 7, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.