Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot Review

invaders-from-the-planet-moolah-slotMany slot machine designers will have somewhere in their portfolio of slots a set of machines which are structured slightly differently from standard slots and one of these games which is designed by WMS is their Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot.

This is a five reel video slot however unlike the conventional way of having the reels spin into position they instead tumble onto the screen, and this allows for a completely unique type of playing experience and some additional bonus type features.

Should you be on the lookout for a brand new slot machine to play the like of which you will certainly never have come across before then please do keep on reading for there is a lot to like about the way this Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot games works, plays and operates and it may just appeal to you.


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Where to play the Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot

The Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot machine is both a land based slot and an online slot and as such you are going to find it on casino floors all over the world, however, if you are looking to give it some play time online then the Jackpot Party Casino is the place to do just that, however be aware this casino only allows players from a limited number of countries and as such you may not be allowed to sign up if you are living in one of the countries on their restricted list.


We should start by giving you a few of the basic features regarding the way this slot machines works and plays, it has been designed as a 50 payline slot game and as such you will be able to play it for different stake levels depending on how many lines and coin values attached to each line as you choose to put into play and activate.

The reels do not spin into position as mentioned above they instead tumble into position, should a winning combination be formed on any single spin then a unique bonus feature is instantly triggered and we shall go into a little more detail in regards to this bonus feature in the section below.

Tumbling Reels Feature

As soon as you click on the Spin button to set the reels into live play they will then tumble into position and this will see reel symbols dropping in from the top of the slot machines screen to fill up the visible reel positions on each reel.

Should you manage to complete a winning combination on any of your activated paylines then that win is first credited to your credit meter and then a spaceship located at the top of the screen will blast those winning symbols off the screen and an additional multiplier will be displayed on the spaceship that blasted them off the screen.

The now missing reel symbols will be replaced with the symbols directly above those missing symbols and additional ones will also tumble into view, any new winning combinations that are formed are then subject to the multiplier value displayed on the space ship, and once again any winning combinations that are formed will be blasted off the screen and be replaced by new ones from the positions above.

This blast and replace type of Tumbling Reels format is repeated until you reach the highest multiplier or when a new winning combination has not been formed, in which case this Tumbling Reels feature ends and you will return to the base game.

Invasion Feature

This slot machine also comes with an addition Invasion feature and this will be awarded to you whenever you have a total of four or more consecutive sets of Tumbling Reels formed from any one single base game spin of the reels.

When it is awarded to you then a special set of reel symbols will become attached to the reels and these are sets of clumped together Wild symbols, which due to their special layout could result in your forming lots of additional winning combinations.

Should you manage to form four lots of different winning combinations via this feature in separate spins then additional free plays will be awarded to you in the hope that you achieve some of the high winning payouts.

As an added bonus the Invasion feature can be randomly awarded to you at the end of any single spin that has not formed a winning combination.


The beauty of playing the WMS designed Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot machine is that you will never know just how much you are going to win of one single base game spin until the Tumbling Reels feature has played out, and as such it can be rather an addictive slot machine to play.

Conversely is can often be something of an annoying or frustrating slot machine to play for when your first set of winning combinations are blasted off the screen and no additional winning combinations are formed then you will often feel a little deflated. However, remember that at the end of any non winning spin you make you could be awarded the Invasion feature completely at random and that means a winning payout could be coming your way even if your base game spun was a losing one.

It is worth us also pointing out then if you are living in one of the countries that allow you to play the online version of this Invasion from the Planet Moolah slot machine, and then it will have attached to the game the Jackpot Party progressive bonus feature game.

This is a completely random feature on which you will get to play a pick to win type of bonus round when it has been awarded to you and there are several different progressive jackpots that you could win as you are playing the bonus game, so there are some additional benefits of playing it online if you can.

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