Ishtar’s Oasis Slot Machine Review

ishtars-oasis-slotThere is always a high level of excitement when WMS Gaming announce the launch of a new slot machine, for there are several things you can be guaranteed of when they do make live a brand new slot and that is it will always come with a host of brand new and never seen before bonus features.

You can always be assured of slot games which additionally boast the very highest payout percentages when you do play any WMS Gaming designed slot machine, and with multiple stake options on offer and the very real chance of you being able to win big when playing any slot game they have designed you should sit up and take notice of what we are about to tell you about their brand new Ishtar’s Oasis slot.

Design and Theme

The actual theme of the Ishtar’s Oasis slot machine is an Arabian one and this theme is instantly noticeable thanks to the animated reel symbols you will find on all six, yes six video reels of this game.

In an unusual move by WMS Gaming they have opted to throw the rule book out of the window when designing this slot and have given it a six reel playing structure, and instead of having optional paylines you are going to be playing an All Pays slot game if you do decide to give this slot machine a whirl.

As with each of the All Pays slot machines you are going to find offered in land based and online casino sites there is going to be a price to be paid to have all of the available winning combinations activated on every single spin of this Ishtar’s Oasis slot machine you play and that will be the stakes you need to play it for.

You can play a minimum of 40 coins to set the reels spinning and with the lowest coin value settings being just 0.01 that will equate to a minimum bet spin of some 0.40. However, you are able to increase the stake multiplier and as such if you wish to play this slot machine for higher stake amounts then you can increase the stakes in increment of 40 coins up to a maximum bet spin of 200 coins.

You may be wondering just how many actual permutations of win lines are going to be in play when you play this brand new slot from WMS Gaming, well, as there are six reels and 4 visible reel symbols in play on each reel that works out at a mind blowing 4096 ways to form a winning combination on each single spin you send into live play.

That extra 6th reel does of course mean that the pay table on this Ishtar’s Oasis slot is slightly larger than most other pay tables in as much as you will be able to form 6 of a kind winning combinations and not the usual maximum five of a kind winning combinations.

You are of course able to view the pay table at any time by clicking on the Menu/Help button, however you will find there is an onscreen win meter that is going to allow you to keep track and instantly see just how much you have won, once of course one or more winning combinations have been formed on the slot games screen at the completion of any base or bonus game spin you have played off.

Basics and Features

You are probably wondering just what bonus features and bonus games you are hopefully going to trigger if and when you choose to play the new Ishtar’s Oasis slot machine from WMS Gaming, and as such we invite you to keep on reading for below are all of the bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered.

Stacked Reel Symbols – One handy set of reel symbols that can often make any All Pays slot machine a potentially huge paying game are stacked reel symbols, and we are pleased to let you know you will find a set of stacked reel symbols on the reels of this slot and as such it is possible, with a large element of luck to have several of them all spinning in on the same spin which could result in your forming multiple winning combinations.

Awesome Respin Feature – One the sixth reel you will find a special Awesome Respin symbol, and whenever that symbol spins into view you will be awarded one Respin, any of the Princess symbols that also spun on any of the other reels which be locked into place for that respin and as such you will, if enough of them spin in on the base game spin and on the Respin, form lots of additional winning combinations.

Awesome Burst – There is another bonus feature awarding reel symbol on the sixth reel and this is  the Awesome Burst reel symbol, when that symbols makes an appearance it will fire out special orbs across the screen and whichever reel positions those random number of orbs land the reel symbols on those positions will instantly be turned into Princess symbols, so once again you will be hoping that special bonus symbol fires out lots of orbs to help you hopefully form lots of winning combinations across the screen.

Awesome Multiplier – One final special bonus symbol that you will be hoping spins in lots of times on the sixth reel is the Awesome Multiplier reel symbol. When this symbol spins in it will display a multiplier value and as such any winning combinations formed of the spin it spun in on will instantly be multiplied by the value it is displaying.

Look out for this Ishtar’s Oasis slot game for it is sure to be a slot you will enjoy playing, and thanks to that extra sixth reel and the three additional bonus symbols that can and will appear on it you may just be one spin of its reels away from that often illusive mega winning payout.

October 23, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.