Jungle Wild Slot Machine

The Jungle Wild slot machine from famous slot developer WMS has become a legendary slot brand and game no one probably could have predicted. The company develops around 100 new slot machine games a year and this one in particular has become a fan favorite. This game is actually so popular 2 other Jungle Wild slot games have been developed since the original came out in 2003.

Jungle Wild is based on a rain forest theme that offers you fun entertainment. You will be entertained by the sound, graphics, and winnings this slot offers you. The slot game offers 5 lines and 30 reels of action along with a large variety of coin values. No matter if you’re a minimal type of player or a high roller this slot machine game is for you.

When you’re playing you will notice a large variety of enhanced graphic symbols. The particular ones you should keep an eye on is the Jungle Wild symbol. If you happen to hit 5 Jungle Wild symbols on any active pay line you will win a whopping 2500 credits! Another symbol to keep an eye on is the Gold Incas symbol, with this icon you can win up to 750 coins with a 5 of a kind in any active pay line. The other symbols include a monkey, Parrot, Bananas, and more.

bonus round play jungle wild in a local casinoJungle Wild Pyramid Symbol Bonus Round

One of the most exciting features that comes along with playing Jungle Wild is the bonus round it offers you. When you receive 3 or more Pyramid Symbols on any active pay line you will activate the feature. The minimal amount of free spins you may receive while in this feature is 5 free spins. The number of spins you receive is based on the number of Pyramid symbols you receive during regular game play. The maximum amount of free spins you can win during one spin is 20 free spins!

It’s possible to re hit the bonus feature while playing in the bonus round so keep an eye out for that. During the free spins you will notice an increased amount of wild symbols on the board where you will receive at a minimum 2 wild reels per spin. You would have guessed right if you assumed this is where you will receive the largest payouts for this particular game.

The Original slot game offers you so much it only makes sense on why WMS has decided to develop other Jungle Wild slot games. You can actually play Jungle Wild Slot machine online for free or real money at Jackpot Party. The game is exactly the same as it would be in your local casino but they add an extra perk as you can win a Jackpot Party progressive at any time!

Jungle Wild 2 Slot Machine

Just like the original Jungle Wild, I predict you will have a wonderful time playing this. The Jungle Wild 2 slot machine actually is more popular worldwide then the original as the developer changed the entire layout and design of the game.

This slot version offers you 60 pay lines that has reduced reels in the first 2 sets. Although it does look a tad weird once you start playing you will really enjoy the payouts that come from this slot machine. You are able to bet as little as 30 cents per spin as it is based from the Money Burst series. When you hit a decent win on the Jungle Wild 2 slot machine you will hear the loud yet exciting sounds the developer is famous for doing.

Jungle Wild 2 Free Spin Bonus

What really makes this slot machine stick out from original comes with the multiple ways you can activate the bonus round. There is actually 3 unique ways to trigger but the most common is by receiving 3 scattered bonus symbols on the reels 3, 4, and 5. Once you do this you will be entitled to 5 free spins with 2 columns lit up with wild symbols on each of the spins. The position usually changes per free spin so don’t lose faith on your original spin and where the two locking wild reels are located.

Usually the best free spin payout bonus comes from the 2nd option which is matching 4 symbols on reels 1 and 2. Along with doing that you will need to also have the 3 scattered bonus symbols on any other reels during the original spin. It is not easy to accomplish but when you do you earn 20 free spins with reels 1 and 2 held. Not only do you get the first two reels held feature but you also receive the random wild columns in the other reels. The payouts on this particular way usually are huge so prepare to file taxes on the winnings.

The last way to activate Jungle Wild 2 free spin feature is by simply matching the first 4 symbols during a regular spin. Keep in mind this can be any symbol like the wild symbol for example. Yep, the payouts for this option usually are pretty large just depending on what symbols you get.

Super Jungle Wild Slot Machine

The only version of Jungle Wild I have not had the opportunity to play is the Super Jungle Wild slot machine game. This particular version of Jungle Wild is on the Reel Boost series of slot games from WMS and is not available in many locations within my area. This version looks really cool as it the payouts are arranged from right to left and not like most slot games.

Super Jungle Wild Free Spin Bonus Feature

Just like the other previous versions this slot machine offers you the opportunity to win up to 40 free spins. To get into the free spin bonus feature you must receive 3 or more bonus symbols on any active pay line. According to a friend, 2 to 3 random reels will become wild for each spin and is done completely randomly. Although this particular version of the game did not take off like the others did, I sure would love to play it locally or online.

Jungle Wild 3 Slot Machine

Last but not least is the newest current version of Jungle Wild. This particular version once again varies from the other Jungle Wild slot themes and puts an entire new twist to the game. This particular version of this famous slot game comes in a large variety of pay lines just depending on what the casino wants to offer. The lines available are between 9 and 50 lines with 50 being the most common offered.

Jungle Wild 3 Bonus Round

When you receive at a minimum 3 scattered bonus symbols on any active pay line you will enter the free spin bonus round for Jungle Wild 3. Depending on the amount of symbol’s you receive while in regular game play it is possible to win up to 20 free spins. What’s unique from this free spin feature and the others comes with the 2x wild symbols that show up during the free spin play. These payouts are extremely huge in this feature as most of the higher dollar amounts won will be while playing the free spin bonus feature. It won’t take much time to understand the large reel symbols used in this particular slot machine as it’s similar to standard G+ just advanced. The Jungle Wild 3 slot game is not yet available online but probably will be down the road.

WMS Jungle Wild Conclusion

Clearly this is a must if you’re looking forward to playing any slot machine locally or online. I strongly promote this particular slot with an A+ rating as it offers so much for you the casino player. When I play these slot machines I continue to remind myself on how many large jackpots I have won from these particular machines. Play responsible but with a little hunger in your game as I’m confident you can walk away a winner while playing.
If you’re looking for a quick access to download or play Jungle Wild slot machine online simply use the banner we provided in the article. You are able to play for free or real money depending on what you want to do.

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