Jurassic Park Slot Machine Review

JurassicParkSlotYou may have seen the films or read the books but thanks to the wonders of the slot machine design team over at IGT you are now going to be able to play the slots, the Jurassic Park series of slots that is.

As you may or may not be aware this slot machine was recently released by IGT and due to the many different gaming laws all over the world they have designed this slot to be compatible with all gambling jurisdictions, and as such you are likely to find it on offer and available at many land based casinos near you.

This slot is very unique in its design for it comes with a whole host of bonus game features, however you will be given the option of taking them as soon as they have triggered or you can save them up and take them at any time during your slot playing session, which is ideal if your budget starts to dwindle away as you can take your accumulated bonuses in the hope that your budget will be replenished and increased accordingly.

Have a good look through this review of the Jurassic Park slot machines for we really do think this slot marks a new direction for IGT and it won’t be very long before even more slots bearing this theme will start to be wheeled out on gaming floors across the world.

Where to play the Jurassic Park Slots

You will find that you can play the Jurassic Park series of slots at many land based casinos for as this slot machine has been designed and launched by IGT and as they are one of the major slot machine designers in the world a lot of land based casinos regularly update their slot machine portfolio with the latest slots that IGT launch.

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Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Let us now give you a roundup of what you are going to find on offer on the Jurassic Park series of slots, the first aspect of playing this slot game that you need to be aware of is that is has been designed as a Multi Play type of slot and as such there are two base games you will be playing per game played and each of those two games are structured a 5 reel slots on which 30 paylines will be offered on both of them, you will also be able to place a unique special side bonus bet type of wager and this is going to cost you a total of 20 credits to activate it and put it into live play,

The Jurassic Park slot series can be found with network wide progressive jackpots attached to it, however those network wide progressive are only going to be in play and live in US States where they are permitted.

You really will find yourself getting immersed into the slot when you play it for not only is the slot machine cabinet and glass themed around the blockbusting Jurassic Park film but you will find themed reel symbols and of course the sound effects are also based on the film, and being fully sampled and enhanced sound effects they really do bring the slot to life when you give it any amount of play time.

The Jurassic Park slot machines come with many different bonus games which have been designed to be fully interactive and as you are playing the base game you will find a special set of Wild symbols can be randomly attached to the first and second reels, and the more of them that you see appearing on those two reels the better chance you will have of forming multiple winning combinations when you are playing maximum line wagers.

The one main unique feature about these slots is that as soon as you spin in three or more of the bonus symbols you can win an entry into a community based bonus game feature round, but unlike on other slots you can opt to save the bonuses up as opposed to playing it off instantly, meaning that you can save the bonus games up in the hope you will trigger them more and more and by saving them up could end up with some much larger winning payouts when you do finally choose to play off your accumulated bonus game feature rounds.

There are three bonus features that you can end up playing on the Jurassic Park slot machines the first is the Panic in the Park bonus game feature round and this is an interactive bonus game where you need to try and keep the electric fences fully powered and charged up during the bonus game the longer you manage to do that the bigger your winning payout will be.

There is another interactive bonus feature round that you can be awarded when playing this slot which is called the Escape from Jurassic Park bonus game and this is a bonus game where you have to opt for an escape route from the park and then based on the route you opt to take if you manage to select a clear route you can win cash amounts along with a range of multipliers.

The final bonus game that you are going to be able to trigger when playing the Jurassic Park slot games are a set of free spins, this bonus game is called the Raptor Rampage free spins bonus feature round and when triggered you are initially awarded with a set of 8 free spins and will be playing them on a set of three reels, a T Rex will be attacking a Raptor symbol as the free spins are all playing off and a bonus payout will be awarded at the end of the free spins based on just how that attacks goes.


There is a lot to like about every aspect of the Jurassic Park slot machines and no matter what version you come across you are going to find the bonus features are unique and worth triggering, as you can save them up and use them at any time then you will of course be faced with several decisions as and when you play this slot, which does add another level of excitement to playing it.

Be aware though that as is normal for bonus games awarded on any video slot you just never know what you are going to win from a financial point of view until the bonus games have played off and that is worth keeping in mind for even if you do save up the bonus game features there is no real guarantee that they are going to reward you with more cash than if you took them immediately they triggered.

This Jurassic Park slot as mentioned above is available in several different  versions and the version you will be playing with be dependent on just which gaming licensing jurisdiction you are playing the slot in, however you will find the stake levels are fully adjustable and the game can be set to return some larger than average payout percentages no matter where the slot is placed so your winning chances are going to be just as high when you play this slot as they would be when playing any other IGT slot.

If we had to give this slot a score based on its overall design then out of ten points it would score a nine, the bonus features whilst often triggering frequently will keep your winning chances alive but the base game can always be relied on to spin in some surprises and you can indeed bag some very large winning payouts when playing just the bonus game, which is ideal for if you have session where no matter what you do the bonus games don’t trigger the base game is always there to fall back on! Give it a try for yourself and see what you think of it.

April 14, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.