Lord of the Rings – Reels of Rivendell Slot Machine Review

Lord-of-the-Rings-SlotOne aspect of playing the vast majority of slot machines found in land based casino sites is in regards to how those machines trigger their respective bonus games. It is often the case that you will have to wait until you spin in a set of bonus symbols or scatter symbols before the bonus game finally is awarded to you.

Whilst those bonus and scatter symbols will eventually spin in and trigger the bonus games the number of near misses can often drive you to distraction! It is probably with that in mind that made WMS Gaming chose how they would design this Lord of the Rings themed slot game.

For when playing this slot you are never required to spin in a set of bonus symbols on any activated payline to trigger the bonus games, nor are you going to have to wait until certain number of scatter symbols spin in to be awarded with the slots bonus game. Instead all you need to have is winning combination worth x5 of your stake forming on an activated payline and then the bonus game in awarded to you.

Design and Theme

You will be playing a five reel video slot machine if you choose to play this WMS Gaming designed slot machine and you will be able to put into play 40 paylines on each base game spin you play off. You will also find the stake level options available will give you a lot of flexibility in regards to setting each spin to an affordable level.

In total you can choose to wager up to five coins per payline and when playing all forty paylines that does of course mean you will be playing for stakes of 2.00 in total when the coin value settings have been set at 0.01. Depending on which land based casino you choose to play this slot machine at you may be given a range of different coin denomination options.

Basic Features

As mentioned above WMS Gaming has torn up the rule book in regards to the way this slot machine awards its bonus game. When playing it as soon as you manage to get any x5 of your stake winning combinations spinning in then the bonus game will be triggered.

You are probably now wondering just what that bonus game is, well it is a wheel spinning bonus game, and once triggered by spinning in any winning combination worth over five time you stake on any activated payline via the base game, you will then activate this slot machines bonus wheel.

The bonus wheel is divided up into different segments and each of those segments has one of the main characters from the Lord of the Rings film displayed dup on it. You then need to spin the bonus wheel and whatever character is spun in will award you with one of several different things.

The bonus game which can be awarded to you include a 50 time you total bet bonus payout awarded via the Aragorn Bonus pick to win bonus feature round or you could see up to  50 Wild symbols coming into play via the Legolas Bonus, or the Arwen Free Spin Bonus game may be awarded to you.

The bonus wheel does however have a range of coin based awards listed up on it and those could also be spun in, but ideally you will be hoping it is one of the Character symbols that spins in as those are associated with the better paying bonus rounds and bonus features that the wheel spinning bonus game can award you with.

There is also a very unique Falling Wilds bonus game which can be awarded to you and this is a bonus game on which up to 216 Wild symbols can and will fall down onto the slot machines screen and those symbols can land on the reel positions to help you form lots of winning combinations.

Our Thoughts

We enjoyed playing this slot machine, but one thing to keep in mind is that you are not always going to win big when the bonus wheel bonus game is triggered and awarded to you! We found we did get a lot of play time from this slot thanks to the way the lower valued winning combinations keep on forming as you are playing off a maximum line base game spin.

We presume this slot does come with something of a medium variance type of playing structure and format based on our experience of playing it. The only annoying aspect of it is finally spinning in a five times stake winning combination and then spinning in just a coin based winning payout on that bonus wheel, which did happen a few times.

All in all this is a fully rounded slot machine and it is worth taking the time and effort to track it down as it is not available obviously at every land based casino you will visit.

January 12, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.