Luxury Jet Slot Machine Review

Luxury-Jet-SlotIt is always good to see WMS Gaming launching new slot machines on which you will find a more unusual type of payline structure and format instead of them constantly launching slots on which you are forced to play every possible permutation of payline in view on the screen.

The Luxury Jet slot game is a back to basics slot and one on which you can put into play 40 paylines per spins, and will of course have the option of increasing or decreasing the number of coins you wager on each activated payline.

This slot game is not like most other slots in regards to the way that its bonus game plays out, and as such if you are looking for a new slot machine to play but one that is going to give you something of a much more exciting yet potentially very high paying bonus game then keep on reading for there is a lot to like about the way this slot game has been designed.

Design and Theme

With a name such as the Luxury Jet, it probably won’t take you much working out to guess the theme of this slot game! It is of course themed around a Luxury Jet and as such in addition to the standard Playing Card Suite reels symbol that WMS Gaming always seem to like adding to the reel of their slot games, when playing this slot you will find several reel symbol which are based on the theme of the slot including a Pilot reel symbol, Sun Glasses symbol and of course a Champagne Bottle and Bucket reel symbol.

You will be able to play 40 paylines per spins and with the ability of putting more than one coin into live play on each payline this slot machine is of course going to be suitable for both high rolling players and slot machine players who like to play for more modest stake amounts.

Basic Features

You have already learned that this slot game offers out 40 optional paylines however it is its bonus game feature round that will probably be more of interest to you! The way in which you are going to be able to trigger that bonus game is by you spinning in three or more of the bonus symbols anywhere in view on the base game screen.

By aware those symbols are scatter symbol, so as long as you get at least three of them spinning in you will trigger the bonus game which for refer on this slot is known as the Flying Dice bonus game which is a two part game.

You will first play of its wheel spinning bonus game, this will see a bonus wheel loaded onto the slot games screen which is dividend up into 12 different segments, and each segment depicts a different part of the world. You then have to roll a set of dice and whatever number you roll in will move the win arrow to the corresponding position on the wheel.

Each new place you visit on that wheel will increase your multiplier value by +1 and as long as each roll of the dice lands on you on a segment of the wheel you have not yet lanced on the multiplier value will increase, and as soon as you land on a position you have already landed on the bonus wheel spinning part of the bonus game will end and then you will move onto playing off your free spins with the multiplier you achieved on that wheel spinning game in force for the duration to your free spins. In total you will be awarded with 20 initial free spins however those can also be increased via that wheel spinning bonus game.

Our Thoughts

It is always good to see a slot machine designer looking at different and unique ways that they can attached to the bonus feature round that a slot has on offer, and as soon as you experience that wheel spinning part of the bonus game on this Luxury Jet slot you will be sat there willing you keep on landing on segments of that wheel that you haven’t already landed on.

However, do keep in mind that due to the huge multiplier value that can be awarded to you as you are playing off the free spins this slot has therefore got something of a high variance type of playing structure and format and that does of course mean that there will be times when you are playing it that you may have to play off a large number of poor paying or non paying base game spins until you get to  a point in your slot playing session when those higher paying base or bonus game spin are awarded to you.

So one way of playing his slot is for you to play it with fairly modest stake amounts as by doing just that you will not be making a huge dint in your slot playing bankroll if you do start to experience a lot of poor paying or non paying base game spins when playing it.

January 13, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.