Megabucks Series of Slot Machines

megabucks-slotAs you may already know it is the Megabuck series of slots that can award the biggest life changing progressive jackpots, and there are a huge number of slot machines which have been designed by IGT that offer you the chance of winning that jackpot.

What you will find when visiting any land based casino is that a lot of standard slot machines will have attached to them the Mega Jackpot, however you do need to be aware that the only chance you are going to have of winning that huge progressive jackpot that is ticking away on the slot machine is by putting into play the maximum bet wager on every single spin you choose to play.

Whilst putting into play the maximum required wager may seem too expensive for some slot players who are playing on a very limited budget, if your slot budget can withstand the maximum bet wager then these really are going to be the best progressives slots to play, for over the years some huge and mega sized winning payouts have been awarded to lucky players who have lined up the Megabucks winning combinations, and with a lot of luck that next winner could be you.

It should also be noted that the odds of you winning a Megabucks progressive jackpot is going to be huge, however as only a small proportion of your overall maximum bet wager is being fed into the progressive jackpot pool then you can also often see yourself spinning in some very large amounts of cash via the base game offered on any Megabucks slot machine you are playing, and as such you should get plenty of enjoyment out of playing these network wide progressive jackpot slot machines.

To give you an idea of some of the most recent progressive jackpot awarding Megabucks slot machines that have been making their way onto casino floors in the US we have picked out four of them and given an overview of each of them below, and as you are about to find out there are many differently structured slot games which are part of the Megabucks series of slots and each of them have a completely different type of base game structure and playing format on offer.

Where to play the Megabucks Slots

You will find the Megabucks slot machines in land based casinos all over the US and as such if you are planning a vacation and there is land based casino nearby then you are going to be virtually guaranteed that you will be able to access and play these machines, it may be worth your while actually visiting the IGT website for that is where you are going to find the current value of the Megabucks jackpot and also find just which casinos have the slot machines offering the Megabucks jackpot on offer.

One online casino site that permits US based slot player to play any of their vast and impressive range of online slot machines is Casino Titan and if you do wish to give some progressive slot machines a little play time today from the comfort of your own home then make sure you take a look over their website for currently they are giving away a massive instantly credited bonus to all new depositing player which is going to massively increase your slot machine playing bankroll and will give you the maximum winning opportunities.

If you do decide to give the Casino Titan site a try they offer a range of Real Series slot machines which are worth checking out for when playing these multi stake multi line slots for any stake you choose you could instantly and more importantly completely at random win yourself a large progressive jackpot, along with being able to trigger all manner of unique additional bonus game feature rounds.

Mega Blast Megabucks

When we first played this, we weren’t too keen. It’s just far too simple, a bit like going from astrophysics to adding up. However, we stuck with it, and actually, it went from loathe to love! The slot offers a simple interface, however it is enhanced by the option of playing 2 slots at once. If you’re new to slots, or are looking for a more fast action session, then we seriously recommend you look into Mega Blast, as we know you won’t be disappointed.

Pink Ice Megabucks

Pink Ice may sound a little painful, but it’s not! This Megabucks slot is perfect for anyone looking to get a decent gaming session from a relatively modest budget. As with all of the Megabucks progressives, you have plenty of betting options, however, to get the best possible wins, we recommend you play a maximum bet. Not only will this give you an enhanced game, it will also greatly improve your progressive wins.

Reel Gold Megabucks

The Reel Gold Megabucks slot comes in two different versions, one is a 60 payline penny slot and the second is a 12 payline nickel slot, however the inner and outer workings of both versions are the same and as such when playing either one of these two versions of the slot you will have the chance of winning one of several local progressive jackpots or the Megabucks jackpot. This slot has a free spins bonus feature round and this is triggered via the scatter symbols.

The one major feature that separates this slot from most others is the stunning 3D graphics and animations, these really do bring the slot to life, and if you do see this Reel Gold Megabucks slot on offer then do give it a try, or maybe watch someone else play it for a short while as those 3D graphics are amazing.

Triple Platinum Riches Megabucks

The Triple Platinum Riches Megabucks slot is one of the more recent slots to be released on which the Megabucks jackpot is on offer, however there are also four other smaller sized local progressive jackpots attached to this slot machine which do tend to hit very frequently, and whilst those local jackpots are not as large as the Megabucks one they will always be worth winning.

This slot is structured in a similar way to the above slot machine and as such you are going to find two different payline formats which will be dependent on where you play this land based slot machine, a set of free spins can be won and the slot has 5 of the stepper type reels. The reel symbols in play on this IGT Triple Platinum Riches slot are the more commonly found ones including Cherries and Bars, and being an IGT low to mid variance slot you should see plenty of base game winning combinations forming as you play the12 or 60 paylines that it has on offer.


As you play any of the Megabucks series of slot machines you are going to experience the occasional near miss and by this we mean you may get a combination of reel symbols on your activated paylines that is just one symbol short of the Megabucks jackpot awarding winning combination, and whilst that may drive you slightly mad, what you do not want to do is to spin in the Megabucks winning jackpot combination but not have activated the required maximum bet wager which will turn that winning combination into a life changing jackpot win for yourself.

With this in mind you really ought to be playing each and every single Megabucks jackpot slot machine you play with the maximum bet wager live and in play, for just imagine if you played this slot for less than the maximum bet wager and the jackpot paying combination spun in, how would you feel knowing that if you had been playing a maximum bet spin you would have won that jackpot currently displayed on the jackpot meter.

So if you cannot afford to play this series of Megabucks slots for long periods of time on maximum bet wagers then just give it a certain amount of spins that you can afford to then opt to play another lower stake type of slot machine, for you really can never tell when that jackpot is going to be won but as long as you have given these slots some play time on maximum bet spins you will have a chance of winning that jackpot, albeit a very small chance.

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