MegaHits Series of Slot Machines

megahits-slotsIGT have plenty of slot machines that are part of some form of series of slots, however the one slot machine series that is proving to be hugely popular with players are their MegaHits slots, these slots offer several chances of winning up to thirteen progressive jackpots and as such you really ought to consider giving these slots some play time if you see them offered in any land based casinos.

Below we have put together an overview of the IGT MegaHits series of slot machines which are currently available in many land based casinos, and it is worth mentioning that although they are all part of the same series of slots each individual machine does come with its own unique features.

As mentioned above one of these slots offers no fewer than thirteen different progressive jackpots whilst some of the slots offer free spins you will find some of the slot machines in the MegaHits Series of slots will give you more than one set of reel to spin when playing the base game which means by playing those particular machines you will have an increased chance of spinning in a winning combination.

Casino Titan

You will find these slot machines all come with different playing structures and formats and as such you will be able to put into play stake levels of your own choosing, however whilst they all have local in house jackpots to be won they are also linked up to the network wide progressive jackpot pool and that means the highest valued progressive jackpot you will be hoping to win can and regularly does grow to some massive amounts of cash, and as always those jackpots are there for the taking.

Where to play the MegaHits Slots

You will not be able to play the MegaHits slot game series online for they are only available at land based casino venues that offer IGT slot machines, however when it comes to playing slot machines online that have been designed to trigger and award their bonus games and jackpots much more regularly than other slots we would like you to consider signing up to one of our approved online casino sites.

If you are living in the US then we are aware finding an online casino that is going to live up to your expectations is never that easy, however one online casino site that has been specifically designed to cater for US players and one that has a large range of slot machines that offer regularly awarded bonus games and bonus features is the Casino Titan site, who are currently offering one of the largest sign up bonuses available to US players! Take a look at their website for more details.

MegaHits Mega Blast Slot

The MegaHits Mega Blast slot is certainly unique for when you play it you will be playing two, three reel slots side by same both at the same time. This slot boasts the MegaHits progressive jackpots and players can also trigger the famous IGT Haywire bonus feature when playing this slot machine.

MegaHits Pink Ice

You will have the chance of winning not just one progressive jackpot but thirteen of them when playing the MegaHits Pink Ice slot game, and this game is like no other due to you playing three individual three reel slots all via one base game screen! This really is one hell of an exciting slot game to play and one offering a unique playing structure.

MegaHits Purple Passion

The Purple Passion slot is a 5 stepper reel slot on which you will be playing up to 30 paylines per spin of those 5 reels, this game does of course offer several progressive jackpots plus the game also boasts asset of special Multiplier symbols which can quite dramatically and instantly boost the value of winning combinations that spin in.

MegaHits Reel Gold

The MegaHits Reel Gold slot is going to offer you the chance of spinning in a free spins type of bonus game and with four local progressive jackpots and a huge network wide one up for grabs every time you spin those reels you will have the chance of winning a life changing jackpot win.

Make sure that you put into place the required stake option to activate the highest valued progressive jackpot element of the slot for you will never want to miss out on that large payout when playing this or indeed any of the other slots that make up the MegaHits series of slots from IGT, but remember that big jackpot prize is not going to be won very often and it will be a once in a lifetime event should you manage to get awarded it.

MegaHits Triple Platinum Riches

The one stand out feature of the Triple Platinum Riches MegaHits slot machine is that the free spins bonus round that it can award does trigger more often than on other slots in the series, so if you play it you could easily find yourself winning one of the several different progressive jackpots that can also be instantly awarded on this slot machine and as such it is an ideal slot for those players looking for a little more excitement.

The secret to getting some of the best payouts when playing a slot machine that boasts a free spins bonus feature is to try and play it with the highest stakes in place that you can afford, for when the bonus free games round is awarded then you are more likely to occasionally spin in some very large paying winning combinations when playing a slot for higher stakes than you would when playing for micro stake levels.

MegaHits Triple Ruby Riches

Whilst all of the MegaHits slot machines have progressive jackpots up for grabs this Triple Riches slot machine does award them much more frequently than on other slots, and much like the slot above you could also trigger a set of free spins when playing off any single base game spin.

MegaHits Wild Sapphires

This is another slot in the MegaHits series of slot machines that lets you put into play three base game slots per spin, each of those slots is a three reel game and this slot machine has a special Step Up Multiplier feature which can increase winning combinations that have spun in by up to 5 times their normal payout values, and of course a set of progressive jackpots are always there for the taking.


You are going to find that you will stand a very good chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing the MegaHits slot machines than you would by playing any other type of jackpot awarding slot, and whilst it is true to say the smaller valued jackpots can be won very, very frequently those large life changing jackpots are always there for the taking.

If you do find a land based casino that has a large and varied selection of these MegaHits jackpot slot machines then there is one way of choosing which slot to sit down and play and that is by becoming a jackpot hunter.

As the lower valued jackpots do tend to get awarded within a certain jackpot prize limit then it really can pay dividends for you to take a quick glance at the jackpot meters attached to every single MegaHits slot machine you come across and if the progressive jackpots look above average in size, especially the more regularly awarded ones, then make a beeline to play those slots for a progressive jackpot is much more likely to be won when overdue as it is when it is lower than usual.

Having given all of the above slot machines quite a lot of play time recently it is difficult to point one of them out as the best slot in the series, for each slot does have its own unique aspects and if like us you enjoy swapping and changing the slot machines you play very regularly then at least you know by playing this series of slots some sizeable amounts of cash are always available to be win.

If you do fancy playing these MegaHits slot machines then remember they do offer a plethora of different stake options and as such they are not as expensive to play as some other progressive jackpot paying slots so you should be able to comfortably afford to play any of them safe in the knowledge that by keeping your stake levels quite modest in size you will have a fair chance of winning thanks to their high payout percentages.

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