Mighty Atlas Slot Machine

Hold the world above your head and take all its riches with the Mighty Atlas video slot by IGT Gaming. This innovative and beautifully made slot was created by one of the largest gaming suppliers to casinos around the globe. IGT is a Las Vegas based publicly traded company on the NYSE. They have been providing games and creating some of the most unique and entertaining slots since the 1950s. Longevity is their motto and having stood the test of time, you can be positive that playing a game backed by IGT is sure to be a hit.

The Mighty Atlas follows suit with the longstanding tradition of top games by IGT. This 3×5 reel slot has up to 40 pay lines for massive wining potential. The special features include; super stacks and a capture feature.

The theme behind Mighty Atlas stems from the Greek mythology character, Atlas. He was believed to hold the heavens above his shoulders and was a man of strong stature. His name is used in many of the everyday objects we use today. Along with Atlas, many other famous Greek mythology characters make an appearance in the Mighty Atlas slot. Along with the enchanted music and available 3D graphics on some models, this slot takes on a look and feel of epic proportions.

Normal game play is much like any other slot, with pay outs occurring when certain symbols are hit on the reels. It’s the bonus features that make this game stand out.

Mighty Atlas Super Stacks Feature

During normal game play, players can use the Super Stack feature combined with selective stacking to ensure a stack of the same symbol on each spin. This gives users even more control of how much they can win.

Mighty Atlas Free Spin Bonus

The bonus round is triggered once you hit 7 free spins with the chance to re-trigger up to 13 times. The bonus round is a capture game where the reels will spin and if one of the special symbols passes through the center, it will be captured. Depending on which symbol is captured will determine how much you win.

Once you capture a symbol its level will increase. If you hit that symbol again in the capture round, your winnings will continue increase until its level is full. If you are lucky enough to capture the Mighty Atlas himself, you will win all bonus symbols value at full level.

The Mighty Atlas slot can be found at casinos around the world especially in the United States. This slot can also be played online as IGT has teamed up with High Five Games.

January 8, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.