Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot Machine Review

Monopoly-Big-Money-Reel-SlotYou are going to hear the Monopoly Big Money Reel slot machine possibly before you see it! However, as this brand new slot from WMS Gaming has a huge 42 inch curved LCD screen Top Box you will not be able to miss it should one or more of them have been rolled out onto any land based casino floor you are visiting.

Whilst there are already plenty of Monopoly themed slot games in casinos all over the world, this new slot is likely to become an instant hit with many players due to its unique bonus game features.

If you are a regular player of the Wheel of Fortune slot then we are convinced this slot is going to be one you will enjoy playing for much like that slot this one comes with a wheel spinning based bonus game, which can and regularly does award players triggering that bonus feature with some very large cash payouts.

It is a multi line and multi stake slot so configuring it to a stake level that you can afford to play it for when visiting any land based casino is never going to be a problem, in fact the only problem you may experience when you see it on offer at any casino venue is finding one of these slots that isn’t being played and has a vacant seat in front of it.

However, if you do then you really ought to give it some play time as the way it has been designed is going to guarantee that you have  a very enjoyable and entertaining slot playing session, and one that could just see you winning some huge cash payouts! Read on to find out more about this great playing and certainly high paying WMS Gaming designed video slot game.

Stakes and Payouts

Let us now move onto the letting you know just how much you can player per spin on the Monopoly Big Money Reel slot, and then we will move onto letting you know all about the base game and bonus game feature rounds.

The minimum coin denomination setting for the Monopoly Big Money Reel slot is just one cent, and a maximum line stake will see you having to play for stakes of just 0.40. However, much like every other slot that WMS Gaming have released you are going to be able to increase the stake multiplier should you be looking for some slightly higher stake slot spinning session whilst playing this slot.

You can increase the number of coins via the stake multiplier in increment of 40 coins with the maximum multiplier being 10, and as such when playing a maximum line and stake bet you will be playing for stake of 4.00 when playing the penny slot version of this slot game.

One major aspect of playing any WMS Gaming slot that you will always find attractive is they come with some very high and very appealing payout percentages, and that is certainly the case with the Monopoly Big Money Reel slot.

That means whenever you do send its reel spinning you are, over your long term play, going to be getting a large amount of your actual stakes returned to you as winning payout. If at any time when playing this slot you wish to view the pay table then click on the pay table button and all will be revealed.

Being a multi stake slot the more you play per spin the larger the winning payouts associated with every single reel symbols will become, so do click on the pay table button and all will be revealed to you, and we think you will like what you see when you do view the pay table of this slot.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

It will be the bonus games and bonus features that will make you want to play this slot, and as such we shall now give you an overview of what it on offer and can be triggered when you are playing off a base game spin.

Big Money Reel Spin – On each of the five reels you are going to find a mixed set of banknote reel symbols, and the aim of any base game spin is to get any combination of those reel symbols spinning in, one on each of the five video reels.

As soon as you do get five of those scatter symbols spinning in, in any order and in any reel position you then get to spin the bonus wheel which for reference is displayed on that huge 42 inch screen placed at the top of the slot machine.

The bonus wheel is divided up into many different segments and it will be dependent on which one of those different segments you spin in that will see you being awarded one of several different things, and below is what can be awarded to you.

Cash Award – When you spin in a mixed or matching set of the bank note reel symbols the corresponding symbols on the bonus wheel have extra multipliers attached to them, and when spinning the bonus wheel you can spin in a banknote symbol and if so you with then instantly win a cash award as displayed on the spun in segment of the bonus wheel.

Free Spins – On some of the segments of that bonus wheel are free spins awarding symbols, and if you manage to spin in one of those symbols as opposed to the banknote cash awarding symbols then you will be rewarded with a set of free spins which then play out on the same stakes as the ones in play on the base game bonus game triggering spin.

Utilities Bonus – The other bonus feature you can be awarded with is the Utilities bonus game, which is triggered by spinning in one of the Utility symbol. This bonus game is a simple pick o win bonus game on which you have to pick ether the left of right hand of Mr Moneybags to reveal exactly what you have won via that bonus game.

May 18, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.