Pirate Ship Slot Machine

The Pirate Ship themed video slot is part of the highly touted G+ Deluxe Series of slots from WMS. This company has been a leading provider for gaming technology since the 1940s and is a trusted and recognizable name throughout the casino industry. Their innovative games have can be found in many casinos and slots parlors across the world. Many of their new games contain the latest in cutting edge technology like; 3D slots and touch screen gaming. The G+ Deluxe series of slots is part of the coveted G series of slots. The G+ Deluxe is the top end of this family and has to plenty to offer its users.


The Pirate Ship slot has a 5×4 over sized reel with bright and detailed symbols. The large reels and symbols are a unique part of the G+ Series. Its 5 reels spin vertically instead of horizontal like many other slots, giving another unique feel. You will also notice synchronized sound and visual effects during game play for the most entertaining experience you can have playing slots. The graphics and audio rival that of any video game system on the market today.

Its screen is nice and big which makes it very user friendly. As always, with most WMS slots, you can use the touch screen to navigate through the slot while you play. I honestly have not seen a more user friendly machine on the market and if your new to playing the pirate ship slot machine you will not be disappointed. Coming online to find information for this game is also a step up on becoming a winner!

Once you get past all the bells and whistles, you will still find a solid machine that isn’t just glitz and glamor. One of the additions to the G+ Deluxe Series is the 40-50- and 100 pay lines you can play. Each Pirate Ship slot also has a major and minor jackpot that can get quite large and reward you with a pirate’s booty of epic proportions. These jackpots start at $25 and $250 and progressively grow with each spin of the reels.

The symbols on the reels are obviously pirate related and feature all that has become connected with the pirate lifestyle. You will find the skull and crossbones, cannons, pirates, pirate ships, suits of the deck and of course; Pirates Treasure!

Pirate Ship Bonus Rounds

The pirates treasure symbols are the wild and ones you want to hit. Any 3 or more of these bonus symbols will trigger the free spin bonus rounds. Get 3 of these and win 10 free spins. Get 4 and win 15 free spins. Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to get 5 bonus symbols, you will be awarded 20 free spins.

During the free spin bonus rounds, you can hit the Big Win, Super Big Win or Mega Big Win! Each win is triggered by hitting as many treasure chests as possible and can award up to 1,000 times your wager. When you hit one of these wins, the slot will light up and explode with music and graphics. It lets you know when you’re a Mega Winner for sure.

The Pirate Ship slot can be played as little as $.01 per spin. We recommend playing for the maximum number of coin and pay lines to get the most out of this beautiful slot. Once in awhile online and locally you will see players playing slots without all the lines covered. You always want to spin with the max lines so when you go into the bonus rounds your not missing really good winners.

Pirate Ship Slot Jackpots

When playing this slot machine there is several varieties when it comes to big winners however most are considered jackpot type of wins when they are “mega big wins”. You will see it pop on the slot machine and lights flashing once you have achieved it. You can still win some hand pay jackpots however simply just betting with a larger denomination and might not be considered a mega big win.

January 11, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.