Power 7’s Slot Machine Review

Power-7s-SlotThere are always going to be some unusual slot machines you will come across when wandering around a casinos gaming floor, and if you are looking for something new to play today them try and track down the brand new Power 7’s slot game which has recently been launched by WMS Gaming for this slot really is going to give you a fully rounded slot game playing experience.

There are many slot machines from WMS Gaming which has similar playing structures, and the only other slot machine we could compare this new one to is the Raging Rhino slot game, in fact many players are commenting that this Power 7’s slot is simply a clone of the Raging Rhino slot, however we will leave that comparison up to you.

If you are a player who wants the absolute maximum winning chances when you play any slot machine then we are more than convinced this slot is going to appeal to you, for it offers you literally thousands and thousands of ways of forming a winning combination on every single base game spin you play off.

Design and Theme

The main different between the Power 7’s slot game and most others is that is has not got the standard five video reels but six of them, and as this slot is one on which you will be playing every possible permutation in play on the slot games screen and as there are six reels with 4 visible reel symbols on each reel that works out at a massive 4096 ways to in being in place per spin.

There is of course a small price to be played for having that many ways to win in place per spin and that is you will have to wager 40 coins or an increment of 40 coins to be able to set the reels spinning. You can increase the coins upwards in value to a maximum of 400 coins per spin and the minimum coin value setting is just 0.01, so it can be a very cost effective slot game to play.

There is no obvious theme of this slot game for WMS Gaming have chosen to design the back drop of the slot with something of a non descript one in place, however the reel symbols include the usual Playing Card reel symbols and  some more unique looking and unique additional symbols including big red 7 symbols.

Basic Features

As you are playing off each base game spin you will be hoping that you manage to spin in at least 3 or more of the scatted Bonus reel symbols, for when you do so that will mean you have triggered the main bonus game on this Power 7’s slot game.

The bonus game is a set of free spins and in total once triggered you could be awarded with an initial set of up to 50 free spins. As those free spins are all playing off should you spin in any of this slot games wild symbols on reels 2 to 5 and those reel symbols help form a winning combination they will be turned into wild multiplier symbols and will then boost that winning payouts payout value by x2 or x3.

The free spins can be re-triggered as you are playing off your initial set and this is done by you spinning in enough of the scatter symbols on an one single free spins played off.

Our Thoughts

The only slightly annoying aspect of playing this slot game is that from time to time when you have triggered it s free spins bonus game you can often find that no matter how hard you try you will never seem to spin in those wild multiplier symbols that can increase the value of a spun in winning combination.

However, there will be times when playing this slot machine that those bonus symbols keep on spinning in and you will find plenty of multiplier symbols spinning in during the free spins rounds. So when playing this Power 7’s slot machine always be more than prepared to take the rough with the smooth for there are never any guarantees that when the bonus game has been awarded to you that you are going to win a large or even a modest amount of cash.

Apart from that this slot machine is a fun slot to play and when everything falls into place when playing it there are some huge amounts of cash that can be won, and being a WMS Gaming slot machine you are going to find that its higher than average payout percentage is always in place and as such over time you should experience one or more of those often illusive very high paying slot playing sessions! Give it a try if you see this slot on offer at your local land based casino as it is certainly a slot worth playing.

January 7, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.