Powerball Series of Slot Machines

powerball-slotsThere are currently three excellent slot machines that make up the Powerball series of slots that have recently been launched by WMS and these ate the Bamboozled slot the Thunder Hawk slot and the Hoppin’ Wild slot games, all of these three slot machines have been designed to be played as community slots and as such you will find several of them all linked together on the casino floor and positioned in banks of machines.

Whilst these slot machines are not available in very single casino you will visit, when you are visiting such a venue with some friends or family members and you want to experience a slot playing session together, there really are no better slots to play than the Powerball series, for that to the unique bonus games which can be awarded to everyone playing these slots you will all get the same enjoyment factor out of playing these slots together, and with a bit of luck you may all leave the slot in profit.

Casino Titan

Where to play the Powerball Slots

You are only going to find these WMS designed and developed Powerball slot machines in land based casino sites which does of course mean if you are hoping to find an online casino offering them then you will not be able to find any sites online which have them available.

However, when it comes to community slot games or slot machines which boast more than one type of bonus game feature round which all of these Powerball slots have on offer then you are going to find plenty of exclusive slots to play at two of our top rated and highly recommend online casino sites.

Casino Titan is an online casino site that we just know all of our US based website visitors who are looking to play a massive suite of slot machines online is really going to enjoy playing at, for they have plenty of video slot machines each boasting unique base and bonus game features and they also have a huge collection of progressive jackpot slot machines, with several of these machines awarding those jackpots completely at random.

Whichever of the above two named casino sites you opt to play at you are going to find you will have a large and instantly credited slot machine bonus being added to your account when you make an initial deposit, and for even more slot playing value a comp club is in place at each site which will reward you with even more freebies and additional playing credits, check out both of those casinos websites for more information on why they are our top rated online casino site.

Powerball Slot Bonus Games and Bonus Features

As the Powerball slots are all linked together this does of course mean many of the bonus and base game features can be much more rewarding than when playing a standalone slot machine and when playing these slots you will come across a feature known as the Power Seat Trigger and this will help increase the winning payouts awarded during the community based bonus games by up to 10 times the winning values, the more slots that are linked the better that multiplier will become.

There are several bonus games that are going to be awarded to players who are playing these WMS designed Powerball slot machines the first of which is the Mystery Spin Bonus feature round and when awarded all players get one free spin awarded to them and the first two reels on their respective slot will be filled with a set of mystery symbols.

At the top of the bank of slot machines a special bonus reel will spin and whatever reel symbols finally spins into view when that bonus reel stops spinning will be the reel symbols that all players mystery symbols will become, which does of course mean players will be hoping one of the higher paying reel symbols is spun in on that bonus reel and they will also be hoping to get as many mystery symbols on their first two reels to hopefully see them spinning in the remaining matching reel symbols to be awarded with the better winning payouts.

Another bonus game feature which can be awarded to all players all at the same time is the Tire Pump Bonus game feature round and when triggered an onscreen character is going to appear and that character will then start to pump air into one of several white colored character symbols who will expand as the air is pumped into them, when one of them finally gets way too big and explodes and the digits revealed will be added together to reveal a winning payout which each player will be awarded with.

A very quick playing additional bonus game that can be triggered is the Super Shot Bonus feature this will see a canon being fired on the bonus game screen and the further away from the canon that the canon ball lands then the bigger the cash bonus payout each player will win.

One final bonus game that you will be hoping triggers is the Matrix Bonus feature round and this will see a special money reel spinning which has three paylines attached to it a special Powerball will come into play on that reel and wherever it lands can activate one or more of the winning paylines on the reel to help players amass even more winning payouts.

If you are looking for a very high hit frequency bonus game awarding slot game and wish to play with other players then we doubt you are going to find any other community based slot machines that are going to give you the entertainment and excitement value of the Powerball series of slots, so do look out for them in land based casinos all over America for when it comes to fun filled slot playing sessions this series of slot machine will certainly give you that.


Whilst we are more than aware many slot players visiting a land based casino will be hunting around for slot games to play on their own, if you do want to liven up your slot playing sessions and join in the fun and entertainment which community based slot machines are famed for offering then do make sure you give any of the three available Powerball slot machines from WMS some play time.

Whilst you are in no way obligated to have to talk or communicate with your fellow players you will find yourself not being able to keep quiet when each player sat around these machines all trigger the bonus games at the same time, and will of course be congratulating each other if some of the larger winning payouts are awarded when playing these Powerball slots.

The best way to play the Powerball slot machines if you can comfortably afford to is by putting into play maximum bet spins. Whilst not all players are able to do this you really should try and make sure you play max bets for that is the best way to play them to be guaranteed that you get the maximum winning potential out of both the base and bonus games feature rounds, however if you only have a small playing budget you are able to play them for any stake amount the slots have to offer.

When playing the Powerball slot games in any land based casino site make sure that you are a member of that casinos comp club and never forget to insert your comp club card into the machine before you start to play it, many people forget to insert their card and if you do forget then you will not be earning the comp points you have qualified for due to your slot playing action.

Whilst the bonus games on the three slot machines which make up the series of Powerball slots which are the Bamboozled slot the Thunder Hawk slot and the Hoppin’ Wild slot machines all share the similar type of bonus games their base games also offer a unique set of winning payouts.

You will always be able to find out what reel symbols award what by way of payouts by clicking on the Pay Table button on the slot screen and you can also find a complete overview of what each bonus game feature is and how it works by consulting the onscreen help files for the slot machine you are playing, so if you are in any doubt do review those game play rules.

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