Quick Pays Slot Series Review

qick-pay-slotYou are going to find the Quick Pays series of slots which have been designed, developed and ultimately launched into lots of land based casino sites by Gtech Spielo are some of the most exciting slot games to play for there are several unique aspects of playing these slot machines which slot players simply love, and below we are going to give you an overview of just what these features are and how you can trigger them.

The first thing that we should point out about the Quick Pays series of slot machines is that they come with six different progressive type of jackpots, two of which are free game type progressives and as opposed to those progressive jackpots which can award a growing cash jackpots these two free games progressives award an ever growing number of free spins and the number of free spins keeps on rising until won.

You will also find attached to the Quick Pays series of slots three Randomly awarded type of cash progressive jackpots, these are the more modest sized jackpots but as they are randomly awarded quite often they can grow to some quite high amounts and will, as the name suggests, be awarded to players at any time no matter how much they are staking per spin.

The final set of three progressive jackpots that can and will be won by players playing the Quick Pays series of slots are the Bonus Pots, once again being progressive jackpots these can and will keep on growing until won and being bonus type jackpots they will be awarded via one of the bonus games which are available on each slot in the series.

Where to play the Quick Pays Jackpots Slot

You will only find the range of Quick Pays slot machine can be accessed via slots found on the Gaming floors of land based casinos, so if you were hoping to give them a little play time online then unfortunately at this moment in time you will have to track down a local land based casino at which to play them at as they are not available to play in the online gaming environment.

However, there are quite a number of casino game designers who have many online slot machines available at casinos using their online gaming platforms which offer playing structure quite similar to those found on the Quick Pays slots and as such we would like to introduce to you a couple of online casinos that will offer you a range of online slots than can be played for free or for real money that are just as good as the Quick Pays slots.

Much like the Quick Pays Jackpots these can be triggered and awarded every few minutes by players’ which means that you are going to be getting just as an entertaining and certainly exciting playing format when playing Marvel Jackpot slots are you are playing the Quick Pays slots.

US slot machine players can play at our top rated Casino Titan site and if you do choose to play at this leading casino site then make sure you play their Real Series slots which offer a randomly award progressive jackpot to players, and it doesn’t matter if you play each spin for just one cent you will always have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.


The most commonly available slot in the Quick Pays series of slots is one that is designed as a 5 reel, 25 payline slots, and regardless of your stakes, you are guaranteed to have a blast and a hell of a chance at hitting progressives. There are the progressive jackpots on offer mentioned above, and there are also plenty of little added extras to ensure that your session is as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

Be aware there is one way of playing any Quick Pays slot machine that is going to give you an increased chance of winning one of the additional progressive jackpots and that is by playing for high stake levels, as all of the Quick Pays slot machines in the series offer players the ability to pick and choose the number of paylines and the stake levels they play them for so if you can afford to play for higher stakes make sure you do for you will have an increased chance of triggering and being awarded the progressive jackpots.

The way the progressive jackpots work, more so the randomly awarded ones is that they can be compared to a raffle, and when you buy more tickets in any raffle then you will naturally get a much better chance of winning one of the prizes on offer, so by increasing your stake levels you get a better chance of one of those randomly awarded jackpots being awarded to you.

Quick Pays Slot Series Main Bonus Round

The way in which you can be awarded with a set of free spins is by spinning in the required number of scatter symbols, this will award you initially with a spin the wheel type of bonus game feature where you could win a set of free spins or more importantly may win yourself one of the progressive jackpots which are always displayed on the right hand side of the slot game screen.

This wheel spinning bonus game is one of the most exciting aspects of this slot game for those scatter symbols are going to spin in very frequently and as such you will always have a chance of winning one of the progressive jackpots or get awarded the currently displayed number of free spins on the respective jackpot meter, if the slot does not trigger the free spins round for quite a while then the number of free spins will keep on growing.

Stakes and Prizes

This Quick Pays series of slots have been designed to give slot players the maximum number of playing options based on their available bankrolls and slot playing budgets and as such you will be able to activate as many or as few of the available paylines as you like as all of them are completely optional.

The Quick Pays slots are also multi stake slot machines and depending on which land based casino you choose to play them at you will find various different coin value settings on offer and being fully adjustable once again you will be able to pick and choose just how much you bet on each spin.

But do remember as these slot machines in the Quick Pays series of slots offer progressive jackpots then the sky is the limit in regards to just how much you could end up winning off any one single spin of the reels you choose to play.


In all, these Quick Pays slot machines are some of the most playable slots going. You really should try and give them a little play time if you see them on offer in a land based casino site as they do award those progressive jackpots much more regularly than you will find other progressive jackpot awarding slots do and as such you will never be far away from winning one of them.

However, never forget that you are going to get awarded the bonus game features which are going to award you with the progressive jackpots much more regularly when playing for higher stake levels, and as such if you are playing for low stakes and are sat next to someone playing for much higher stake levels you will notice that player triggering the bonus games and picking up those progressive jackpots much more often that you will.

But as these Quick Pays slot games do come with some higher than average payout percentages that does of course mean no matter what stakes you are playing for you should get your fair share of base game winning combinations spinning in and forming, and with a series of winning combinations spinning in then you could slowly build up the stake levels you are playing for to get that increased chance of triggering and being awarded any of those progressive jackpot prizes.

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