Reel ‘Em in Series of Slot Machines

reel-em-in-slotThere are several slot machines that are part of the popular Reel ‘Em In Slot game series which have been designed and manufactured by WMS, there is on main theme that runs through each and every single slot in this series and that is a Fishing Theme, but you may have already guessed that from the name of these slots.

If there is one thing that players can expect from any WMS designed slot machine that is to expect the unexpected for the way each slot machine has been designed it is quite possible that any one single spin could result in a very large jackpot win, and in fact many of the Reel ‘Em In Slot machines boast one or more progressive jackpot so those high valued winning payouts are always there for the taking and can be won at any time by players.

WMS have been bringing out quite a number of the slots that make up this series of slot machines and as such if you keep on reading then below you are going to find an overview on just which ones have been recently released along with some of the main features and bonus games along with the playing structures that each slot machine has to offer, so do keep on reading for there really is a lot to like about the Reel ‘Em In Slot machines, as you are about to find out.

Where to play the Reel ‘Em in Slots

There have been quite a number of slot machines that started life out on land based casino gaming floors that are from WMS that have been moved onto the online gaming environment and as such you will be able to play some of their games online ether for free or for real money, however the Reel ‘Em In Series of slots has not yet been given the online slot machine makeover so you are going to have to make a trip to a land based casino should you fancy giving them a whirl.

However if you do wish to play some very similar slots to those that make up this popular series of slot machines then we would like to showcase and introduce you to a couple of online casinos that we just know are going to live up to your expectations in regards to their range of slot machines their new player and ongoing bonuses and their track record in paying their players rapidly whenever they win.

Casino Titan is an online casino that we can highly recommend to everyone who lives in the US and wants to play some of the better paying slot machines found anywhere online, being a mainly US player focussed online casino site you are going to be able to find many banking options available to online American slot players and when it comes to their bonus offers you will not find more generously sized bonuses that come with fairer terms and conditions than those they regularly make available to their players.

Reel ‘Em in Greatest Catch Slot

There are many aspects to the Reel ‘Em In Greatest Catch slot game that will appeal to a lot of players whilst this slot game can award a set of free spins it should be noted that during any one single free spin bonus game that is awarded you may end up playing off a total of 80 free spins which when you do should result in a fairly large winning payouts being awarded at the end of those free spins.

This slot game boasts several live progressive jackpots and like most other slots when playing this game it is possible to win several or all of those progressive jackpots during any one single game played.

Reel ‘Em in Catch the Big One Slot

You really can catch the big one when playing this particular Reel ‘Em in Slot game for there are no fewer than seven high valued progressive jackpots up for grabs and it is quite possible to win every single one of them when playing this slot.

You can win a set of seven free games when playing the base game and those free spins could be the key to some very large winning payouts, when the bonus game is triggered and you manage to catch a fish and win the corresponding progressive jackpot then the fish you caught cannot be caught again during the pick to win type of bonus game and that has the obvious result in players then getting an increased chance of winning another of the progressive jackpots available on this slot.

Reel ‘Em in Get Hooked Slot

The Get Hooked slot is part of the Reel ‘Em In Series of slots however this slot is a three stepper reel type of slot and as such is designed differently from the other slots in the series, you can still trigger a set of free spins when playing this slot machine and thanks to some special Wild Multiplier symbols any base game winning combination or winning combination formed during the free spins bonus game can be massively increased in value.

The free spins are triggered by spinning in three of the bonus symbols and the Wild Multipliers will increased a winning combination by three times its normal value when one spins in and by nine times a winning combinations usual payout amount when two Wild symbols spin in alongside any third reel symbol.

Reel ‘Em in Triple Lunker Slot

The final slot we would like you to consider playing is the Triple Lunker variant of the Reel ‘Em in Slot machines, and this is structured in a similar way to the above slot and as such whenever you hit the Spin button you will be setting three reels into live play.

You can be rewarded with a set of free spins whenever all three of the bonus symbols spin in and as the free spins are playing off you could additionally win from one to seven live progressive jackpots during that bonus game, a set of Wild Multiplier symbols are also in play on the reels so lots of increased winning payouts are always a very real possibility when you play this slot.


If there is one thing that we have learnt over the years it is that every single slot player will have their own personal favorite slot machines, but what we can guarantee is that there will be a Reel ‘Em In Slot machine that should appeal to each player, for whilst they do all share a similar sort of theme the actual structures and features that can be awarded on all of the above named and reviewed slots are all unique and can and will ensure you can swap and change from machine to machine and find something completely different can be triggered and won when playing any of them.

The one slot that we did enjoy playing was the Catch the Big One slot, and whilst we did end up winning and walk away with a fairly large winning payout that didn’t cloud our judgment! You should have hours of fun when playing any of the slots listed above, and if you do find a land based casino offering all four of them then do give them all some play time.

Remember that as they are all multi stake slot machines then you can of course adjust the stake values you are playing each one for and even when playing any of the slots for very low stake amounts you should still get more than a fair chance of winning or at the very least triggering their respective bonus game which is where some quite substantial amounts of cash cane be won.

Keep your eyes on the progressive jackpots that can be won when playing Reel ‘Em In Slots, for some of those progressive are won quite regularly and if you stumble upon one of the slots with an oversized progressive jackpot then that may just be a sign that it may just be about to payout that overdue and large jackpot and that might just be the slot game you sit down and play, you never know that jackpot may become yours, but the only way to find out is to play the slots and keep your fingers crossed that the jackpot does get awarded to you.

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