Roman Chariots Slot Review

roman-chariots-slotSet and themed around the Roman Empire there is one slot machine which a lot of slot players are finding they cannot resist playing and this is the Roman Chariots slot machine which is one of the very latest slots to go live from WMS who have been very busy of late designing and then releasing a range of complete unique slots offering plenty of unique playing features.

There are many different aspects of the Roman Chariots slot machine which does make it a great slot to play, however one of the bonus features that can be triggered and one on which some massive winning payouts could be awarded to you if you opt to play it is the Supercharged Reels feature that amongst other things puts into play a set of reels which boast a massive multiplier value that will hugely inflate the winning potential whenever this bonus feature is triggered.

Where to play the Roman Chariots Slot

It is going to be the larger land based casinos that will have the Roman Chariots slot machine on offer for as this is a relatively new slot then those casinos that refresh and update their slot machine portfolio at regularly intervals will more than likely have it somewhere on their casino floor.

There is just one online casino site that offer and carry a wide and very diverse range of slot machines from WMS and this is the Jackpot Party Casino site, however at this moment in time US players are not permitted to sign up and become a new customer of Jackpot Party Casino.


You will find the Roman Chariots slot is a 20 payline slot machine and as it is a video slot then it does of course come with five video reels on which those 20 paylines are spread all over them.

As you would expect you are fully in control of how much you stake per spin and this is done by adjusting the stake levels accordingly, always ensure you never over stake your slot spins for the more spins you get to play from your budget the more winning opportunities will be coming your way.

This slot has a set of standard reel symbols along with some high valued reel symbols with the low valued ones being Playing Card symbols and the better paying ones being the Grapes, Vase and Emperor Symbols. There is of course a set of Wild symbols in play on the reels and these are what are used to award the bonus game feature which is known as the Supercharged Reels bonus game which we will go into a little more detail below.

Supercharged Reels

There are currently just two WMS designed slot machines which come with what is known as a set of Supercharged Reels and one is of course this Roman Chariots slot game and the other is the Jackpot Stampede slot machine.

The Supercharged Reels is a bonus type feature on which you will be awarded a set of spins on a separate set of reels and depending on which set of reels are used and put into play any winning combination that spins in will be massively increased in value via a huge multiplier attached to each set of reels.

If you spin in a set of Stacked Wild symbols on reel two that cover the entire reel then you will be awarded one set of Supercharged Reels however by spinning in an extra set of Stacked Wild symbols on reels three and four then you will activate two or three sets of Supercharged Reels respectively.

These special sets of reels each have a different large multiplier attached to them and you will be able to play and spin then repeatedly until such a time as a Stop type symbol spins in on each set of reels.

You will also be able to trigger an even bigger multiplier which is going to be attached to all three sets of Supercharged Reels whenever you drop into view on the end reel a special Spin symbol, when it appears it will reveal a multiplier of its own which is used to increase the already large multiplier attached to each set of Supercharged Reels, and that Spin button will allocate you one free spin with those mega sized multipliers in play.


Having read about the unique bonus feature which you can trigger in one of two ways when playing this Roman Chariots slot machine then you will probably have guessed that it can be a high variance type of slot to play, and as such we would advise that if you do come across it and give it any amount of play time that you always keep the high variance nature of this slot at the front of your mind.

As such it is going to be best that you put into play stake levels at which you are going to be able to play a fair amount of spins when playing it, for high variance slots can be quite hungry types of slots and by this we mean you could end up playing lots of spins on which no winning combinations spin in.

However, once those Spin symbols start to drop in along with those Stacked Wild symbols which trigger the Supercharged Reels feature then it is always a very real possibility that you are going to win for yourself some large payouts.

But do not become too obsessed with trying to trigger the bonus features for that is often the one reason why a slot machine player will bust out their bankroll, so if you do play this Roman Chariots slot keep your stakes modest in size and always remember that the bonus feature will trigger when it is good and ready too and if you are lucky enough to see it triggering then keep your fingers crossed for a massive winning payout maybe just one spin of those Supercharged Reels away.

January 17, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.