Sammy Davis Jr. Slot Machine Review

Sammy-Davis-Jr-SlotWhen you look back at some of the musical legends that have performed in places such as Las Vegas over the last few decades, one name that will often come into your mind is of course Sammy Davis Jr. In fact it has surprised us that no slot machine designer has opted to use him as the theme to a slot machine before, however one that has just announced the launch of such a slot is WMS Gaming and we now present to you our own unique review of the Sammy Davis Jr. slot machine.

There is a very good chance that if you have visited a land based casino before you will have played WMS Gaming slot machines before as they have launched a huge number of slots over the years, however if you haven’t experienced the delights of playing them then you will find they boast animated reel symbols, sampled sound effects and the bonus and base game features attached to each of their slot machines offer players something unique, which makes all of their slots very playable.

Design and Theme

WMS Gaming have chosen to give this Sammy Davis Jr. slot machine a very straight forward and very easy to understand playing structure, and as such you are able to send into live play 40 paylines per spin, and with stake options being adjustable and as you can play up to 5 coins on each of those forty different play lines the maximum stake per spin is 200 coins.

This slot has five standard video reels and in view on each reel are four reel symbols. The actual reel symbols include Playing Card symbols and a cast of Sammy Davis Jr. reel symbols which present him in various different poses.

You will find some of his reel symbols are stacked on the reels so spinning in lots of them which can and hopefully will help you form multiple winning combinations should be easy enough with some help of course from Lady Luck, and you will also find a wild symbol in play to assist in you forming more winning combinations whenever those wild symbols make an appearance.

This slot machine is a difficult one to judge in regards to its actual variance, for the unique way it has been designed it could be a low to mid variance slot due to the unique way the wild symbols appear and walk across the screen, however the chance to win big is always going to be on offer due to those wild symbols being stacked which does of course mean getting lots of them in view forming loads of winning combinations is always going to be a very real possibility when you play this Sammy Davis Jr. slot.

Basics and Features

As mentioned above every single slot machine that WMS Gaming have released offers players some form of unique features, and as such let us now tell you what is going to be available to you if you do come across this slot machine in your local land based casino and choose to give it a whirl.

Walking Wilds – Should you spin in the stacked set of Wild symbols on for example reel number five then you will find that stacked set of reel symbols can walk over to the fourth reel on the next spin you play off and can keep on walking across the screen on each consecutive spin, in fact if another set of stacked reel symbols spin in then you can have additional sets of wild symbols walking across the screen and therefore by getting lots of them spinning in you should be able to form lots of winning combinations as they work their way from one side of the slot game screen to the other.

Play the Sammy Davis Jr. Slot for Free or for Real Money

The Sammy Davis Jr. slot machine has only just been released and as such you are only going to find it appearing in low numbers of land based casino sites until the slot become established and goes through its trial period. However, should you find it on offer do be prepared to give it a go and compare it to some of the other more basic WMS Gaming slot machines as we think it will appeal to a great many slot players.

In regards to being able to play this slot machine for free in a land based playing environment than sadly that is something you will not be able to do as we have yet to find a land based casino that allows players to play for free unlike many online casino sites where you will be given the ability of playing the vast majority of the available slots for real money or for free.

This Sammy Davis Jr. has not been planned to go live as an online slot game at this current moment in time, but should it prove to be a popular slot with land based players then we would expect WMS Gaming to do what they have chosen to do with many of their other all time most popular slot games and that is to release it as an online slot.


Not all newly launched slot games come with a very complicated playing structure which is good to see for not all slot players want to play long and drawn out bonus games and bonus features when they choose to sit down and start playing any slot machine in their local land based casino venue.

You are going to find that those Walking Wild type reel symbols really can and will help you form lots of winning combinations and as that simple but quite ingenuous bonus type feature can repeatedly be awarded to you then the sky really is the limit in regards to how much you stand to win when those stacked wild symbols keep on making an appearance and start to go for a walk across the screen.

October 30, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.